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1060 color coated aluminum coils

New order of 1060 color coated aluminum coils from Philippines

Days ago we received a new order for 20-ton PE 1060 color coated aluminum coils from the Philippines. The client is a roofing sheet manufacturer in local market. 1060 color coated alu coil is among the cheapest and softest painted aluminium series. It contains 99.6% aluminium, and can be painted with PE or PVDF. PE coating thickness is 18 micron …

pvc coated aluminum trim coil

What is pvc color coated aluminum trim coil

The PVC aluminum trim coil refers to a color coated aluminum coil whose surface or surfaces are coated with pvc paint. PVC paint is the abbreviation of English Polyvinyl Chloride, which is also known as polyvinyl chloride. Using amorphous materials as raw materials, it has excellent properties in oxidation resistance, strong acid resistance and resistance to reduction. Polyvinyl chloride also …

color coated aluminum coil for venetian blind

Color coated aluminum coil purchasing tips

Aluminum coil is a metal product obtained by continuous rolling and tension leveling of raw materials, applied extensively in electronic, packing, construction and machinery industries. The manufacturing process of China aluminum coil suppliers goes toe to toe with that from developed countries in the world. With increasingly widened application scope, aluminum coil has been further divided into many secondary categories, …

color coated aluminum coils

Advantages of Color Coated Aluminum Coils

The color coated aluminum coil is a relatively popular product in the aluminum market. Because of its good cost performance, it is widely used in areas of aluminum ceilings, roofing surfaces, trims, cans, aluminum veneers and the like. Advantages of the coil include advanced technology, high folding resistance, strong decorative effect, strong weather resistance and light weight. 1. Advanced technology …

pvdf color coated aluminum coil

Roller Coating Process of PVDF Color Coated Aluminum Coil

The roll coating process is an effective method to coat color coated aluminum with organic protective coatings. As a continuous and highly automated process, it helps to produce pvdf color coated aluminum coil rolls of better consistency than those from post-coating methods. Typical coating line systems require aluminium substrates of good moulding property, satisfying scratch-proof ability, beautiful appearance, excellent weather …

pvdf color coated aluminum coil manufacturers

PVDF Color Coated Aluminum Coil Manufacturers

In the past years the color coated aluminum industry in China has developed rapidly. No matter how many factories there are, some problems still exist with color coated coil manufacturers, including coil thickness, product class, industry normalization and production line stability. Restricted by backward technology, few manufacturers in China are able to supply pvdf color coated aluminum coil of thickness …

3003 pvdf color coated aluminum coil for beverage cans

3003 PVDF Color Coated Aluminum Coil for Beverage Cans

3003 pvdf color coated aluminum coil is a regular product for beverage cans. It has good corrosion resistance, workability, printing ability and light weight. 3003 aluminum coil contains a certain content of manganese that is known for excellent corrosion resistance. As the most widely applied anti-rust aluminum coil, 3003 is not suitable for heat treatment, thus cold processing is the …

color coated aluminum strip

Color Coated Aluminum Strip Coils

Color coated aluminum strip coils refer to aluminum flat strap rolls with coated paints. Coated aluminum coil is also known as aluminum trim coil. Color coated aluminum strip is actually narrow aluminum trim coil. Regular alloys for it include 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003, 3004, 5052, 5005 and 5083 etc. The surface of the strip has been anodized before being …

color coated aluminum coil

How to Avoid Impurities in Color Coated Aluminum Coil Further Process

Most aluminum extrusion manufacturers adopt forward heat deformation squeezing methods in further processing of color coated aluminum coils. The rolls go through specialized molds (flat, prod or divergent dies) and become profiles of corresponding shapes. In such a process impurities come into being on the surface of color coated aluminum coils. Successful solution of the problem would help to reduce …

coated aluminum coil

Color Coated Aluminum Coil Used for Decoration

Color coated aluminum coil, as a part of color coated aluminum coil, is often used in decoration area for its relative advantages. First, it offers rich colors for aluminum products, for even one series of products of the same aluminum alloy type can be coated with different colors. In this way customers have a larger range of choices. Second, it has …

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