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1100 pe pdvf grey white color coated aluminum coil

August 19, 2020

1100 pe pdvf grey white color coated aluminum coil is obtained by coating the surface of 1100 alu coil with pe or pvdf paints of grey or white color. The most popular application for it is roofing.

1100 pe pdvf grey white color coated aluminum coil

1100 aluminum coil contains 99% aluminium and 1% other metals, falling on the pure aluminum series. Owing to high aluminium content, its strength is relatively low. On the other hand, however, and it has excellent ductility, formability, weldability and corrosion resistance. The process of anodizing helps to improve its corrosion resistance and surface quality. As a non-heatable aluminium alloy, 1100 aluminium can be color coated and embossed to obtain a decorative and durable surface in decoration and anti-slip purposes. Generally speaking, both pe and pvdf can be applied in color coating of 1100 aluminum coil. Most of the time, one-said coating is enough. Sometimes both sides of the coil is painted with the same paint, and sometimes with different paints (one side pe, the other pvdf). PE coating lasts shorter than PVDF coating.

The price of 1100 pe pvdf color coated grey white aluminum coil is roughly between $2300 to $3000 per metric ton. Haomei supplies color coated 1100 coil for roofing of embossed surface, too. The coating thickness ranges from 0.07mm to 2.0mm, and the width 30mm to 1600mm. Other specifications can be customized. Welcome to inquire!

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