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Alloys and prices for pe coated aluminum coil

August 20, 2020

Alloys for aluminum coated coil pe include 3003, 3005, 5005, 1100 etc. The price varies from specification to specification, the lowest only $2200 per metric ton. Details are as below.

3003 and 3005 aluminium alloy are two representatives of 3000 series, known as an anti-rust material. The difference between 3xxx and 1xxx lies in the fact that the anti-rust ability of 1xxx derives purely from active reaction between aluminium and oxygen in the air, during which a thin layer of oxide aluminum comes into being on the coil surface, while that 3xxx has an alloying metal of manganese resistance to corrosion directly. In other words, even if the layer of oxide aluminum is destroyed, the manganese contained in 3003 and 3005 would still be able to keep some corrosive materials outside. After being painted with PE paint, the service life of the coil aluminium rolls gets extended substantially. 3003 pe aluminum coil for cell ceiling serves as an excellent environmental friendly ceiling material for shopping malls, metro stations, train stations and so on. It can also be allied as a roofing coil in the tempers of H14 and H24. H44 refers to painting aluminium sheets or rolls of semi-hardness. Therefore, 3005 h44 pe coat aluminum coil has similar surface and mechanical properties with 3005 h14, with the only difference of painted surface. The hardness levels are almost the same.

aluminum coated coil pe

5005 aluminum coil is an ordinary product of 5000 series, Al-Mg alloy, featured by even higher hardness and corrosion resistance than 3003 and 3005, for its alloying metal is magnesium, which does not interact with fluoride, hydrofluoric acid and chromic acid, and is not corroded by caustic alkali. Organic chemicals, including hydrocarbons, aldehydes, alcohols, phenols, amines, fats, and most oils, have little or no effect to magnesium at all. One of our classic product, 5005 pe glossy white aluminum coil, serves as an excellent material for both indoor and outdoor decorations, advertising, building and so on.

1100 aluminum coil, last but not least, is a typical alloy of 1000 series. It’s the hardest of the series, only a little weaker than 3003, for it contains the smallest share of aluminium of all 1000 grades. Although it has the poorest performances, it’s used extensively because of properties favorable to most application conditions and obviously low prices. Its aluminium ingots are cheaper, and its manufacturing process simpler and maturer. 1100 pe pdvf grey white color coated aluminum coil proves to be a popular material for roofing, insulation, traffic signs etc.

Each alloy and specification of pe color coated aluminum coil has its own properties, and it’s never recommendable to choose purely by prices. Quality and needs always go before price in successful purchasing.

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