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5005 pe glossy white aluminum coil

August 18, 2020

5005 pe glossy white aluminum coil is a member of color coating aluminum coils pe, with Magnesium as its main alloy metal. The composition of at least 3% Mg endows 5005 with high tensile strength, good elongation and an even smaller density than pure and aircraft aluminium sheet series. The coil can be either cold rolled or hot rolled. Hot rolled 5005 aluminium coil rolls can be anodized, brushed or embossed. In addition to pe coating, anodizing color coating proves to be an excellent method for 5005 alu coil, too.

5005 pe glossy white aluminum coil

Low density should have made 5005 aluminum coil a perfect aviation material requiring light weight, but restricted by its poor hardness, 5005 can only be used in aircraft parts of low strength, like plane oil tanks. 5005 aluminum coil has similar machining properties to 3003, featured by medium strength and good corrosion resistance, but its anodizing effect is much better. The anodized film is bright and durable. 5005 pe glossy white aluminum coil, however, displays similar performances with 3xxx series, often used as high-end curtain wall panels, conductors, cooking utensils, instrument panels, architectural decorations, interior and exterior building materials, and vehicle interior materials.

The price of 5005 pe glossy white aluminum coil ranges between $2500 to $4300 per metric ton. If you need a specific price, welcome to send inquiries!

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