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This is mainly used for introducing news about aluminum strip, aluminum coil, aluminum circle, aluminum slugs.

pre painted aluminium sheet suppliers

Pre Painted Aluminium Sheet Suppliers

Pre painted aluminium sheet suppliers produce coated aluminum, which also known as roller coated aluminum, colpr coated aluminum sheet and coil. The prepainted aluminium sheet product has the following characteristics: flat roll surface, small color difference, few crystal impurities, good flame retardant effect, moisture-proof, waterproof, excellent insulation performance and strong anti-fouling ability. The painting aluminum process in pre painted aluminium sheet …

6000 series aluminum

6000 Series Aluminum

6000 series aluminum mainly contains two elements: magnesium and silicon, suitable for applications with high requirements for corrosion resistance and oxidation. The most widely used 6000 series aluminum alloys are 6061 and 6063 alloys, which have the best overall performance. Also known as “aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy”, it is a heat-treated corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy with high strength and corrosion resistance, and good uniformity. …

pre painted aluminum sheet suppliers

Pre Painted Aluminum Sheet Suppliers

Pre painted aluminum sheet suppliers offer colorful aluminum sheet and coil with RAL color chart, your customized requirement can be produced. PE polyester is the most widely used coating at present. It has good adhesion, easy processing and molding, good hardness and flexibility of the coating, rich color, wide choice of gloss, general durability, medium chemical resistance, and low cost. PE …

aluminum sheet coil manufacturers

Aluminum Sheet Coil Manufacturers

Haomei Aluminum is one of the leading aluminum sheet coil manufacturers with strong production strength and advanced technology. We are located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, with an area of 86,700 square meters. The building area of the enterprise reaches 33,500 square meters. The company has 16 cast-rolling production lines of 1650, 1850, 2200, 3 cold-rolling production lines of 1450, 1650, …

gold aluminum sheet metal

Gold Aluminum Sheet Metal

Gold aluminum sheet metal are widely used in decorative products such as aluminum panels for building materials, household appliances, electronic products, luggage and automobiles. In contemporary times, people are seeking novel and fashionable visuals, light experience, simple and generous handicrafts that are more and more popular. And gold aluminum sheet has the characteristics of strong plasticity, diversified shapes, low density and …

aluminum sheet metal coil

Aluminum Sheet Metal Coil

Before the aluminum sheet metal coil is rolled, some pretreatment sections are required to ensure that the surface of the aluminum coil is clean. Avoid the residual grease and smoothing agent on the surface, which will affect the coating and application. Therefore, the aluminum sheet coil must be pre-treated in the following aspects before it is formed.   First, use hot …

pure aluminum sheet

Pure Aluminum Sheet

The pure aluminum sheet is named compared with alloy aluminum sheet product, which is cheap and easy processing. 1000 series pure aluminum sheet product is one of the aluminum sheet plate series that we often use. The aluminum sheet product of this series has a purity of more than 99%. It has good elongation and tensile strength, good plasticity, corrosion resistance, …

anodized aluminum sheet metal factory

Anodized Aluminum Sheet Metal Factory

The anodized aluminum sheet metal factory offer product durable and can be dyed into colorful colors, which is pleasing to the eye. Anodizing and dyeing is a very widely used decoration technology in aluminum sheet metal surface treatment. This technology can not only improve the corrosion resistance and light resistance of aluminum and aluminum alloy sheet metal products, but also it …

aircraft aluminum sheet manufacturer

Aircraft Aluminum Sheet Manufacturer

Aircraft aluminum sheet manufacturer generally offer aviation aluminum sheet in 7000 series aluminum alloy. The 7000 series aircraft aluminum alloy is a titanium-magnesium aluminum alloy that has been uniquely solved by high-temperature air oxidation. It can withstand thousands of degrees of high temperature or strong impact. It is a kind of high metal aluminum has the characteristics of lightness, durability, compressive …

smooth polished aluminum sheet

Smooth Polished Aluminum Sheet

Everyone knows that qualified smooth polished aluminum sheet should meet the model standards in terms of external dimensions. and as high-quality mirror polished aluminum sheet, they should be as accurate as possible in terms of external dimensions. In other words, high-quality mirror aluminum sheet should have precise dimensions. The mirror polished aluminum sheet offered by Haomei Aluminum have aluminum grade of …

aluminum sheet distributors factories

Aluminum Sheet Distributors Factories

Aluminum sheet distributors factories – Haomei Aluminum are located in Henan Province, with an area of 86,700 square meters. The building area of Haomei Aluminum reaches 33,500 square meters. The company has 16 casting-rolling production lines of 1650, 1850, 2200, 3 cold-rolling production lines of 1450, 1650, 2150, 19 electric annealing furnaces, 3 flying shear units, 1 high-speed flat shear, and …

7075 aluminum sheet plate

7075 Aluminum Sheet Plate

7075 aluminum sheet plate is an alloy that has undergone cold treatment, forging, etc. 7075 aluminum sheet has very high strength and super hardness than other aluminum alloys. 7075 aluminum plate is now used in many industries, such as aircraft manufacturing, aviation industry, and so on. Aviation used 7075 aluminum sheet is mainly used to manufacture aircraft structures and other high-stress …

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