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This is mainly used for introducing news about aluminum strip, aluminum coil, aluminum circle, aluminum slugs.

polished sheet aluminum

Polished Sheet Aluminum Color Coated

The color coated polished sheet aluminum is a color coating and roller coating after the aluminum coil is mechanically polished, so that the mirror polished aluminum sheet has various colors, and it also protects the mirror aluminum coil from oxidation, it is a more commonly used mirror polished aluminum plate and strip product. Haomei Aluminum provides various color coated mirror polished aluminum coils and sheet products, which …

aluminum trailer skin sheets

Aluminum Trailer Skin Sheets

The aluminum trailer skin sheets is a thin aluminum sheet covering the outer surface of the trailer body frame. The use of the trailer skin material affects the surface quality of the trailer body. With the requirements of environmental protection and energy saving, the trailer skin has also opened the road of light weight, and the trailer skin aluminum sheet can be made of 3003 aluminum sheet, with white …

3105 painted aluminum coil for pilproof caps

3105 Painted Aluminum Coil For Pilproof Caps

Although the function of anti-counterfeiting bottle caps is constantly changing, there are two main types of materials used, namely aluminum and plastic. Most of the packaging of liquor, wine, medicinal wine, etc. in my country is still dominated by glass bottles, and about 50% of the wine bottle caps are made of 3105 painted aluminum coil for pilproof caps. The aluminum …

aluminum plate weight chart

Aluminum Plate Weight Chart

The aluminum plate weight chart are made by aluminum plate weight calculator, it is easy for people to check the aluminum plate without calculation. The weight of the aluminum plate is calculated = the thickness of the aluminum plate * width * length * density. The density of aluminum plate is about 2.702g/cm³, it is about 1/3 of iron, and the density (ρ) of aluminum plates of …

aluminum sheet for anodizing

Aluminum Sheet For Anodizing

The grades of aluminum sheet for anodizing are 5005, 5052, 6061 and 6063 aluminum sheet alloy with 0.1 -3mm thickness. The anodised aluminum sheet after anodizing have good appearance and high quality. In recent years, anodized aluminum sheet has also begun to shine in construction projects. As designers pursue large surface, high appearance, and smooth effect, anodized aluminum composite panels have become …

prepainted aluminum roof coil

Prepainted Aluminum Roof Coil

Prepainted aluminum roof coil is widely used in the roofing of large public buildings, public workshops, prefab houses, and integrated houses. Its performance is very stable, it is not easy to be corroded, the surface layer can reach 30 years of quality after special treatment, and the weight per unit volume is the lightest among metal materials. Aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloys prepinted aluminum coil for …

light bronze anodized aluminum

Light Bronze Anodized Aluminum

The light bronze anodized aluminum offered by Haomei Aluminum is beautiful in appearance, and good in quality. When speak of light bronze anodized aluminum sheet, we must refer dark bronze anodized aluminum sheet, they are all bronze anodized aluminum sheet product, but differs in bronze color. Because of its color film wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, uniform color, low …

what is gutter coil

What Is Gutter Coil

Want to know what is gutter coil, we should know gutter first, gutter coil is used for making gutters for buildings. The gutter, also known as the rainwater pipe, plays an important role in the entire drainage system. Roof drainage system is indispensable in construction. The gutter coil using 3003H24 aluminum-manganese alloy, commonly known as “anti rust  aluminum”, it has …

chequered sheet metal

Chequered Sheet Metal

Chequered sheet metal is a kind of metal decorative sheet made of high-quality steel or aluminum after calendering and shearing. Chequered metal sheet has the characteristics of beautiful and luxurious style, it is widely used in the decoration of suspended ceilings in public places such as hotels and shopping malls, as well as the decoration of elevator inner walls. The main thickness of the …

white aluminum trim

White Aluminum Trim

The white aluminum trim are mainly applied to building, construction and decoration purpose in sheet or coil product type. With the improvement of people’s attention to house renovation, at the same time, newly decorated new engineering materials – color coated aluminum has expanded its coverage due to its own various conditions, and the frequency of using color-coated trim coil is also increasing, what are …

aluminium 5083 rolled plate

Aluminium 5083 Rolled Plate

Aluminium 5083 rolled plate temper O belongs to Al-Mg series alloy, the main alloy element is magnesium, it has medium strength, good formability, corrosion resistance, weldability, and good cold workability. The O state is the annealed state, which is suitable for processed products with lower strength obtained by annealing. 5083-O rolled aluminum plate is softer, easy to bend, and has better formability, …

dry transformer aluminum strip

Dry Transformer Aluminum Strip

Dry transformer aluminum strip is an key product of Haomei Aluminum, it is 1060 soft aluminum strips made in round edge and no burrs. The circuit part of the dry type transformer is the winding, which is made of copper wire or aluminum wire with high conductivity. The winding should have sufficient dielectric strength, mechanical strength and heat resistance. Thus the aluminum strip …

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