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This is mainly used for introducing news about aluminum strip, aluminum coil, aluminum circle, aluminum slugs.

Painted Aluminum Trim Coil

Painted Aluminum Trim Coil

The painted aluminum trim coil are packaged in rolls, so they can also be called color coated aluminum trim coils. The surface of the painted aluminum coil is treated with fluorocarbon coloring and special processes, such as metal drawing, engraving patterns, etc., have a very decorative effect. So the aluminum trim coil color coated is widely recognized by modern families. Color …

5052 h32 aluminium coil

5052 H32 Aluminium Coil

5052 aluminum suppliers produce 5052 h32 aluminium coil in many aspects such as high-voltage switches, notebook casings, fuel tank materials and LCD backplanes. The 5052 aluminum coil is mainly high-end oxide aluminum sheet. The surface of the 5052 aluminum coil has no peeling, bubbles, surface roughness and local mechanical damage, and the surface of the aluminum coil has no cracks, corrosion …

mirror polished aluminium

Mirror Polished Aluminium Coil

1000 series, 3000 series and 5000 series aluminum alloy are very suitable for making mirror polished aluminium coil. Anyone who has a certain understanding of the mirror polished aluminum sheet should know that although it is a specific type of aluminum sheet product, it is classified according to the surface treatment process or the surface appearance. From the material point …

5052 aluminum plate manufacturer

5052 Aluminum Plate Manufacturer

Haomei Aluminium is 5052 aluminum plate manufacturer dedicated to processing and manufacturing wide-width, medium-thickness and hard alloy aluminum plate. The company has a Φ650/Φ1600*3500 four-roller reversible hot rolling mill and CNC milling, sawing, crimping, straightening, press, heat treatment and other complete processing equipment. Research and develop aluminum alloy medium and heavy plate roller bottom heating solution quenching process, aluminum alloy medium …

aluminum gutter roll

Aluminum Gutter Roll

The aluminum gutter roll adopts 1000 series of pure aluminum, 3000 series of aluminum-manganese alloy, and 5000 series of aluminum-magnesium alloy. The thickness of aluminum gutter coil is divided into 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm, 1.1mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, etc. The electrostatic powder spray paint process provides high-quality protection and decorative effects of aluminum gutters. The magnesium and silicon contained in aluminum …

polished aluminum plate building materials

Polished Aluminum Plate Building Materials

Mirror polished aluminum plate building materials are high-end aluminum, and the main aluminum alloy used are 1050 aluminum, 1060 aluminum, 3003 aluminum and 1100 aluminum. The reflectivity of mirror polished aluminum sheet is as high as 98%, the cleanliness is high, and the surface is flat. Haomei Aluminum has a variety of low, medium and high-grade mirror aluminum sheet as building …

aluminum gutter coil prices

Aluminum Gutter Coil Prices

The aluminum gutter coil prices offered by Haomei Aluminum is reasonable on the market, while guarantee the product quality. Rainwater pipes are also drainage pipes or gutters. They mainly play the role of guiding the water in the gutter to the ground in the falling water system. The gutter materials are made of colored aluminum, metal, PVC, etc. Haomei Aluminum are …

where to buy aluminum sheet metal

Where To Buy Aluminum Sheet Metal

Want to know where to buy aluminum sheet metal? We suggest you to choose Haomei Aluminum to be your supplier. Haomei Aluminum is a large-scale aluminum sheet metal manufacturer in China. Over the decades of years, Haomei Aluminum have won the market and reputation by virtue of its good corporate reputation and high-quality aluminum sheet product quality, and its products …

aluminium foil for pharmaceutical packaging

Aluminium Foil For Pharmaceutical Packaging

Aluminium foil for pharmaceutical packaging has a highly dense metal crystal structure, has the advantages of non-toxicity, corrosion resistance, impermeability, hygienic heat resistance, moisture resistance, etc., and has become an important part of medical packaging. The blister packaging of tablets is also called blister packaging and PTP medicated foil. It uses 8011 aluminum foil and 8021 aluminium foil as the barrier …

Buy aluminium checker plate

Buy Aluminium Checker Plate

Where to buy aluminium checker plate with prime quality and reasonable price? We suggest Haomei Aluminum! Haomei Aluminum is an aluminum checker plate manufacturer with rich experience and strong production ability. The aluminium checker plate is processed based on the aluminum plate, and the uneven pattern is formed on the aluminum plate through external mechanical processing. The aluminum checker plate has …

5052 aluminum plate suppliers

5052 Aluminum Plate Suppliers

Haomei Aluminum is one of the largest 5052 aluminum plate suppliers in China with advanced production line and technology. 5052 aluminum plate is a new type of low-carbon environmentally friendly AL-Mg alloy with a thickness range of 0.2-300mm. 5052 aluminum plate has good deep processing properties such as milling, cutting, and engraving. 5052 aluminum alloy plate has good corrosion resistance and …

chequered aluminium sheet

Chequered Aluminium Sheet

The pattern formed by the chequered aluminium sheet appearance is not only a decoration and beautification effect, but also bears the anti-skid effect in a special application environment, just as the clearer the texture, the stronger the anti-skid and grip capabilities of the tire. There are many types of checkered aluminum plate that can be used in different occupations. Usually aluminum …

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