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This is mainly used for introducing news about aluminum strip, aluminum coil, aluminum circle, aluminum slugs.

round aluminum plate

Round Aluminum Plate

Haomei Aluminum round aluminum plate are produced through stamping processing directly on the aluminum coil by continuous stamping equipment, which has the advantage of fast processing cycle. At the same time, the stamping processing is completed automatically, so the surface finish of produced aluminum circle plate is good. At present, we have stamping dies between 200mm and 800mm, which can be stamped and produced all kinds …

white painted aluminum sheet

White Painted Aluminum Sheet

The white painted aluminum sheet is the most common seen color in color coated aluminum sheet series products. It is a light color painted aluminum sheet which is widely used in building construction. The requirements for materials of buildings (roof panels, exterior wall panels) can be divided into safety performance (impact resistance, wind pressure resistance, fire prevention), living performance (waterproof, heat …

aluminium for water tank

Aluminium For Water Tank

5052 aluminium for water tank is an Al-Mg alloy with good corrosion resistance, excellent welding performance, good cold workability, and medium strength, and is widely used. It has a long comprehensive capacity, and the material of the water tank (that is, the stainless steel and aluminium alloy) is almost insoluble in any solvent (such as alcohol and gasoline two kinds). The water tank …

aluminum sheet metal fabrication manufacturer

Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication Manufacturer

There are so many aluminum sheet metal fabrication manufacturer, which one is better? Find a good quality, reasonable price, of course cheaper is better. This also requires some more comparisons between aluminum sheet metal manufacturers. Whether the aluminum sheet metal manufacturer is good or not depends on the aluminum sheet manufacturer’s scale, strength, price, and brand reputation, of course, it must also …

reflective mirror sheets

Reflective Mirror Sheets

The reflective mirror sheets are decoration material made by grinding aluminum and stainless steel through a special process. The common seen mirror sheets mainly include stainless steel mirror sheets, aluminum mirror sheets, mirror sheets synthesized from fire-resistant materials and aluminum film mirror sheets. The material of the mirror sheet is loved by people because of its special mirror effect. What are …

coil coated aluminum sheet

Coil Coated Aluminum Sheet

When many people buy coil coated aluminum sheet, they do not know the specific difference between good and poor color coated sheet. Because the surfaces of color coated aluminum sheets are similar, and there will be no problems if they are not used for a period of time. But after using for a period of time, the difference will appear, …

aluminum anti slip plate

Aluminum Anti Slip Plate

The aluminum anti slip plate is a aluminum tread plate with patterns on the aluminum plate surface and good anti-skid properties. And the anti slip aluminum plate is divided into three specifications: pure aluminum anti slip plate, 3000 series aluminum anti slip plate and 5000 series aluminum anti slip plate. As the standard of structural aluminum has increased, the price has …

color anodized aluminum sheet

Color Anodized Aluminum Sheet

The surface treatment technology of the color anodized aluminum sheet is different from the ordinary painting technology. It electrolyzes the conductive acidic electrolyte through the electric current, so that the aluminum sheet metal surface that constitutes the anode is oxidized, and a thick and fine layer of aluminum oxide film protection naturally grows on the aluminum surface, this oxide film is …

aluminium checker plate flooring

Aluminium Checker Plate For Flooring

The aluminium checker plate for flooring is a future processed product of aluminum checker plate material. The aluminum checkered plate standard is a kind of aluminum plate used to make mechanical floors, which can be used in the construction of mechanical stairs and some shipbuilding industries. It is a relatively strong building floor plate. The thickness of the commonly used aluminium …

mirror finish sheet metal

Mirror Finish Sheet Metal

The mirror finish sheet metal is processed after the sheet metal is polished, in order to make the surface smooth and have a mirror-like luster, it is used in the decoration of many buildings. The material of mirror finish sheet is generally aluminum as mirror finish aluminum sheet metal, which has stronger corrosion resistance and wear resistance than ordinary stainless steel …

shutter door aluminum coil

Shutter Door Aluminum Coil

The shutter door aluminum coil supplied by Haomei Aluminum is made of 3004 H19, 5052H19, 3005 H46, 3005 H48 color coated aluminum. There are 36 colors to choose from, the most common colors of painted aluminum for shutter door are mainly white, gray and ivory. The application of color coated aluminum coil in shutter door manufacturing makes the door body lighter, …

aluminum sheet manufacturers in china

Aluminum Sheet Manufacturers In China

When it comes to aluminum sheet manufacturers in china, the first thing to consider is aluminium sheet factory in Henan Province. In particular, there are a lot of manufacturers of aluminum sheet for 1000 series and 3000 series products. Among them, Haomei Aluminum is outstanding because we have casting and rolling production lines, cold rolling production lines, electric annealing furnaces, …

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