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This is mainly used for introducing news about aluminum strip, aluminum coil, aluminum circle, aluminum slugs.

Aluminum slug circle

Aluminum slug circle precision

An aluminum slug circle refers to a small piece of round aluminum sheet, usually with a diameter of 100mm and below. The diameter of the smallest slugs are only 5mm. The thickness of aluminum slug circles ranges from 0.5mm to 5.0mm. Their precision is reflected in their purity level and size precision. The purity of an aluminum circle slug is …

1.8mm aluminium sheet glass mirror

1.8mm aluminium sheet glass mirror

A 1.8mm aluminium sheet glass mirror is a type of aluminium mirror glass sheets of 1.8mm thick. Such a thickness ranks medium in alu mirror sheets, commonly from 0.15mm to 8mm thick. In fact, the mirror aluminum plate is a special kind of aluminum plate. Through various methods such as rolling and grinding, the surface of the plate is mirror-like. …

deep drawing aluminum circle discs

Deep drawing aluminum circle

A deep drawing aluminum circle refers to a type of aluminum discs used in manufacturing products like cookware, lamp reflectors and cans, the fabrications of which share one thing in common: the deep drawing process. That’s how the name of the circle comes. Among leading China aluminum discs suppliers, Haomei provides 1050, 1060, 1100, 3003 and 5052 aluminium wafers of …

gold aluminum mirror sheet

Reflective aluminum sheet products shipped to America

Days ago we have a new batch of reflective aluminum sheet pieces to America. With 12 years history, we are among top China reflective aluminum sheet suppliers supplying mirrored aluminium sheets of specifications as below. Alloy: 1050, 1060, 1100, 3003, 3005, 5052, 6061 Thickness: 0.15mm-8mm Width: 100mm-2000mm Length: 1000mm-9000mm Application: Metal aluminum ceiling, curtain wall panel, aluminum plastic panel, fireproof …

gold and red anodized aluminum sheet

Do China suppliers have super anodized aluminum sheet

An anodized aluminum sheet falls on the category of high-tech semi-processing aluminum products, and the word “high-tech” is usually associated with developed countries in America and Europe. However, such an idea is mistaken in the field of anodizing. China suppliers are capable enough to supply anodized aluminium plates of super quality. There are even excellent blue anodized aluminum sheet manufacturers …

1060 aluminum circle piles

What influences aluminium circle price

The aluminium circle price fluctuates day by day. However, it does not change randomly. The price has something to do with aluminum ingot price, rolling way, alloy, surface treatment process etc. As a raw material for all aluminium products, aluminum ingot price is closely related to the price of electricity, relation between demand and supply of oxide aluminium, demand of …

anodized aluminium sheet 6mm

Anodized aluminium sheet 6mm for furniture panels

Anodized aluminium sheet 6mm proves to be a relatively thick piece in anodized sheets. A big share of its thickness falls on that of the base sheet, since the thickest anodized aluminium film does not exceed 125 micron (0.125mm) normally. High thickness enables the sheet to serve as weight-carrying panels in application, and furniture panels are among its typical uses. …

aluminium mirror glass sheets

Aluminium mirror glass sheets

Aluminium mirror glass sheets are also known as an aluminium mirror sheet glass. They are obtained by continuous rolling of aluminium into sheet which are further polished and anodized. The reflectivity of mirrored sheets falls on three categories: common, good and super. Anodized sheets can even be coated with more attractive colors, like gold, rose gold, red, blue, black, copper …

aluminium sheet aluminium sheet coil gold mirror

Aluminium sheet aluminium sheet coil gold mirror

An aluminium sheet aluminium sheet coil gold mirror is a polished aluminum mirror sheet roll of gold color. With a flat smooth colored surface, the sheet has a thickness of only around 1mm. Its surface must be strong enough to withstand the rolling force while being rolled up into a coil. Reflectivity of the sheet falls on three categories: standard, …

polished aluminum mirror sheet roll

Polished aluminum mirror sheet roll suppliers

A polished aluminum mirror sheet roll for car ornaments is an aluminum coil with a mirror-like surface. In addition to car ornaments, it is also used in aluminum ceilings, integrating ceilings, nameplates, luggage, curtain walls, elevators, interior decoration and other industries. The reflectivity of our mirrored aluminum coil is stable at more than 86%. It can be cut flat and …

anodized aluminum gold mirror sheet

Anodized aluminum gold mirror sheet suppliers

An anodized aluminum gold mirror sheet is obtained by anodizing an aluminium sheet piece during which it acquires a bright gold surface. Anodizing is a high-tech process for producing anodized aluminium sheets. Placed in a chemical solution as the anode, the sheet reacts to the solution under the influence of current sent to the solution, during which a layer of …

rose gold aluminum mirror sheet

Rose gold aluminum mirror sheet application

A rose gold aluminum mirror sheet is a type of metal sheet with specialized material, surface treatment method, color and even application. Although the history of applying aluminium alloy products in industrial production is long, the sheet we are talking about is actually a new kind, with only decades of history. It can be made of 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx …

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