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This is mainly used for introducing news about aluminum strip, aluminum coil, aluminum circle, aluminum slugs.

aluminium coil manufacturing process

Aluminum coil price and manufacturing process

Aluminum coil price depends on specification of the coil, delivery rate and your purchase time, each of which can be elaborated on by a lengthy article. To make it easier, we assume that you are asking about FOB price for aluminium coil rolls. The price of aluminium coil first relates to alloy of the coil, including 1xxx series (1050, 1060, …

mirror finish aluminum sheet

Buy mirror finish aluminum sheet

Buy mirror finish aluminum sheet for solar panels, interior decoration, lamps etc. Color aluminium mirror sheet is available, too. Aluminum mirror sheet alloys include 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003, 3004, 3005, 3105, 5052, 5182, 8011 etc. Thickness ranges from 0.3mm to 4mm. Thicker and thinner ones are available, too, but the scope is enough for most application cases. The application …

5052 color aluminium coil roll for roller shutter

5052 color aluminium coil roll for roller shutter

5052 color aluminium coil for roller shutter is usually of temper H19, thickness 0.125-0.25MM, width 15-100MM and coil inner diameter 300mm. It’s a coated or anodized aluminium roll with magnesium alloy. The paints for it include PE, PVDF and PVC. An anodized aluminium coil proves to be more natural in color and longer in service life, for its anodizing film …

blue white red anodized aluminum sheets

Colored anodized aluminum sheets for sale

Haomei has blue, white and red colored anodized aluminum sheets for sale. The colors are obtained by a specialized color coating process. There are three methods for this. 1) Adsorption coloring, that is, dyeing with organic or inorganic dyes. 2) Electrolytic coloring, that is, electrolysis is performed after anodizing and before sealing, so that the film produces different colors. 3) …

China channel letter aluminum coil strip suppliers

Channel letter aluminum coil strip suppliers supply strips for mini and edge-free letters. The coil is painted with PVC protective masked. Standard stock sizes include .040 x 5.3” x 270’, .040 x 4.3” x 270’ and .032 x 5.3” x 270’. The mill finish channel letter coil sizes are .040 x 3.5″ x 270′ , .063 x 1.5” x 500’, …

aluminum trim cap coil

Aluminum trim cap coil quality control

Haomei realizes quality control of its aluminum trim cap coil through aluminium stocks, process, stretch bending and instant quality inspection. The stocks for aluminum cap coil must have a medium crown of 0.2-0.8% and longitudinal thickness difference not more than 0.1M. The surface of the blanks should be free from cracks, bubbles, pores, corrosion, peeling, periodic marks, metal and non-metal …

3003 h14 color coated aluminium coils

3003 h14 colour coated aluminium coils price per tons

3003 h14 color coated aluminium coils price per tons ranges between $2300-$2800 based on paint type, paint side, thickness etc. Regular thickness for painted aluminum rolls is from 0.3mm to 2mm, mostly around 1mm. If you need rolls thicker than that, you may have to pay more money, for the production of them entails extra costs. Paint types include PE, …

aluminum strip with a low price

Aluminum strip with a low price

Haomei supplies 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003, 5052 and 6061 aluminum strip with a low price. We have brushed, anodized, decorative and transformer aluminium strips for sale. The thinnest aluminium strip is of 0.2mm and the narrowest 20mm. Our brushed aluminium strip is high-end, reliable and long lasting. A layer of antioxidant or fluorocarbon coating on the surface lasts at least …

aluminum trim coil near me

Aluminum trim coil near me

A roll of aluminum trim is a decorative aluminum coil of white, black and brown colors. Technically any other color is available, too, but the above three are the most popular, owing to their strong adaptability in color matching. Aluminium trim coil, although usually used in siding, covers a wider application scope, including ceiling, shutters, rain gutters, roofing, electronic products, …

36 wide aluminum coil stock

36 wide aluminum coil stock

36 wide aluminum coil stock can be of 0.008’’, 0.01’’, 0.02’’, 0.03’’, 0.05’’, 0.1’’, 0.2’’ and up to 0.3’’’ thick. Any thickness between this range can be produced. Processing methods for those rolls include cast rolling and hot rolling, and regular alloys 1050, 1060, 3003, 5052, 5083, 5754 and 6061. By weighing unit of mm, Haomei supplies these aluminium coils …

4mm aluminium checker plate for caravans

4mm aluminium checker plate for caravans

Haomei 4mm aluminium checker plate for caravans is of 4mm thick, 100mm to 1850mm wide. Grades for caravans aluminium alloy chequer plates include 1100, 1060, 3003, 5052, 5754, 6061, 6063 and 6082. Patterns cover 5 bar, diamond, 1 bar, 3 bar etc, among which 5 bar and 1 bar are the most popular. The quality of aluminium checker plates varies …

anodized aluminum sheet

How to guarantee surface quality of hard anodized aluminium sheets

As an ordinary surface treatment method for aluminium alloy products, anodic oxidation helps to form a dense anodized film on an aluminum sheet surface and strengthen corrosion resistance, wear resistance and insulation properties of the sheet. In addition to ordinary anodizing, anodized aluminum sheet suppliers adopt hard anodizing frequently, too. It generates a thicker anodizing film with a stronger wear …

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