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This is mainly used for introducing news about aluminum strip, aluminum coil, aluminum circle, aluminum slugs.

white anodized aluminum supplier

White Anodized Aluminum Supplier

Haomei Aluminum have been a welcomed white anodized aluminum supplier in China with the annual production of 200,000 tons. Anodized aluminum (Anodised aluminum) generally refers to all aluminum or aluminum alloys that have been anodized. From the principle point of view, first of all, aluminum is active, and a dense oxide film will be formed on the surface immediately after contacting …

stone grain aluminum coil

Stone Grain Aluminum Coil

The stone grain aluminum coil is a kind of color coated aluminum coil made of high-quality aluminum alloy as the substrate, and the surface is coated with polyester(PE) fluorocarbon (PVDF), powder coating and other coatings. The width, thickness, color, coating and pattern of stone grain color coated aluminum coil can be customized according to customer requirements. The stone grain coated aluminum coil product is allowed to leave the …

painted aluminium sheet price

Painted Aluminium Sheet Price

Good painted aluminium sheet price can be offer by Haomei Aluminum with rolling coating and long service life. The painted aluminum sheet us 3003 aluminium alloy sheet as the substrate, after surface pretreatment, with roller coating method, coated with one or more layers of liquid paint, baked and cooled to become, the surface is rich in colour, has good weather resistance, superior processing …

Painted aluminum sheet for trailers

Painted Aluminum Sheet For Trailers

The painted aluminum sheet for trailers is used for body as high-strength aluminum-manganese-magnesium alloy aluminum sheet. The whole trailer body adopts the color painted aluminum sheet structure, which has the advantages of high strength and low weight, which ensures the light weight of the trailer body, and can also play a role in heat preservation, wear resistance, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, heat insulation and noise reduction …

aluminum sheet metal

Aluminum Sheet Metal

Aluminum sheet metal is a very important metal material, widely used in construction, transportation, electronics, military industry and other fields. With the development of economy and the progress of technology, the application of aluminum sheets metal is becoming more and more widespread, and its price has become the focus of people’s attention. So, how is the price of sheet metal aluminum formed in …

large aluminum sheet metal

Large Aluminum Sheet Metal

The large aluminum sheet metal is a signal of aluminum sheet manufacturer’s production ability and shows the strength of processing equipment. Many friends are not very clear about the definition of large aluminum plate, in fact, for the definition in principle, more than 1800mm width of aluminum sheet can be called large aluminum sheet metal. We will come together today to …

aluminum sheet factory

Aluminum Sheet Factory

Relatively speaking, the production and processing process of aluminum sheet is not complicated, and the threshold of entry into the industry is relatively low, although the number of aluminum sheet factory is large, but few aluminum sheet manufacturers can provide high-quality aluminum sheet products, so it is not easy to produce high-quality aluminum sheet products. So what kind of aluminum sheet …

aluminum weight calculator

Aluminum Weight Calculator

The aluminum weight calculator is a simple weight formula: m=ρ*V (m is the mass, ρ is the density, V is the volume); the density (ρ) of aluminum plate of different alloys is different, the pure aluminum is about 2.71cm3/g, other series aluminum alloys are different according to the alloy, from 2.58 to 2.9cm3/g. The theoretical weight of pure aluminum sheet is length …

aluminum skin sheets for trailer

Aluminum Skin Sheets For Trailer

Aluminum skin sheets for trailer is mainly built for light weight, aesthetics, anti corrosion, anti rust and safety. In the trailer body application, there are mainly 3003 aluminum skin sheet and color coated aluminum sheet two kinds of materials. Many foreign trailers are made of aluminum. Aluminum trailer skin material density is small, so the quality is lighter compared to fiberglass, more conducive to the creation of …

1100 aluminum sheet

1100 Aluminum Sheet

1100 aluminum sheet is an ordinary pure aluminum sheet with aluminum content 99%, it is common used with 1060 aluminum sheet 1XXX series aluminum grades. The production process of 1100 grade aluminum sheet is electrolytic aluminum liquid – batching – refining in the furnace – resting – adding grain refining agent – online degassing and filtering – casting and rolling – cold rolling – annealing …

aluminium sheet suppliers

Aluminium Sheet Suppliers

Aluminium sheet suppliers in China are dedicated in manufacturing hot rolled and cold rolled aluminum sheet for customers worldwide. Hot rolled aluminum sheet won high reputation from users and have been welcomed on the market. Hot roll aluminum sheet generally refers to the rolling of aluminum sheet metal above the crystallization temperature. Compared with ordinary cast and rolled aluminum sheet products, hot rolled aluminum …

prepainted aluminum coil for downpipes

Prepainted Aluminum Coil For Downpipes

Prepainted aluminum coil for downpipes has surface electrostatic powder coating technology, can maintain the bright original color in the cold and high temperature, acid rain corrosion and other harsh environments. The downpipes made of prepainted aluminum coil are stable and solid, double multi-point fixing, simple design, easy installation, double fixing is not afraid of typhoon vibration, snow/ice accumulation pressure is not afraid …

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