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This is mainly used for introducing news about aluminum strip, aluminum coil, aluminum circle, aluminum slugs.

aluminum trim coil

Application of aluminum trim coil

The aluminum trim coil is obtained by coating a hot-dip galvanized sheet, a hot-dip aluminum-zinc plate or an electro-galvanized sheet with one or several layers of paint which are then baked and cured. Because of this it is also known as the color coated aluminum coil. In addition to protecting the aluminum layer, the coating on the aluminum layer also …

thin aluminum strips

Why are thin aluminum strips used for transformers

Thin aluminum strips are named in comparison with thick aluminum strips. The aluminium strip can be divided into many types in accordance with varied standards like thickness, temper, grade, usage and so on. Take thickness for example, thin aluminum strips, mainly below 2.0mm thick, are more suitable for domestic uses, while thicker ones (2.0-3.0mm and even more) are used products …

anodized aluminum sheets for sale

Features of anodized aluminum sheets for sale

Anodized aluminum sheets for sale are widely used in machinery parts, aircraft parts, precision instruments, architectural decoration, machine casings, lighting, consumer electronics, handicrafts, household appliances, interior decoration, signage, furniture, automotive decoration and other industries. They have features as below. (1) Good processability: The anodized aluminum sheet is highly decorative and moderate in hardness. It can be easily bent and formed …

aluminum foil roll

Influence of purity on aluminium foil roll quality

Most aluminium foil rolls are made from 99.0%-99.5% industrial pure aluminum. Generally, the higher the purity, the lower the tensile strength and the higher the elongation. Increasing the impurity content can increase the tensile strength and decrease the elongation. However, when the purity of aluminum is too low, the brittleness of the material increases and the calendering performance deteriorates, in …

3003 aluminium round circles

Features of 3003 aluminium round circles

3003 aluminium round circles are a regular semi-processed aluminum product. They are alloying circles containing aluminum and magnesium. Magnesium has excellent corrosion resistance and welding property, making the 3003 aluminium circle even more corrosion resistant and flexible to various processing methods. Generally speaking, features of 3003 aluminium round circles include light weight, strong corrosion resistance and good welding properties. Aluminium …

thin aluminum strips for bottle caps

Why are bottle caps made of thin aluminum strips

Why are bottle caps made of thin aluminum strips? For the strips have excellent performances in moisture resistance, air insulation and freshness keeping. Specifically thin aluminum strips have the following advantages as a raw material for bottle caps. First, the strips applied in bottle caps are of superior quality, nontoxic material and proper hardness. The caps will not get rusty …

black anodized aluminum sheet

Black anodized aluminum sheet process and test methods

The black anodized aluminum sheet refers to an aluminium sheet that has gone through anodizing process and obtained a black film on the surface. Anodizing refers to a material protection technique in which a metal material forms an oxide film on the surface thereof by applying an anode current in an electrolyte solution. If not specifically indicated, the solution applied …

aluminum circle manufacturers

How to select aluminum circle manufacturers

How to select aluminum circle manufacturers? Here are some practical tips. Tip 1 Company Strength How to check a company’s strength? A. Website says a lot. The information era brings convenience for people to express themselves and judge others without contacting each other. A powerful company will not lose chances performing itself on the internet. Many of our clients told …

Aluminum trim coil colors types and functions

Aluminum trim coil colors types and functions

Aluminum trim coil colors have so many types, such as black, blue, green, purple, red, green, gray, white and so on. In accordance with brightness there are high gloss, common gloss and dull gloss. As a matter of fact, there is an international color board containing all colors for the aluminum trim coil and other metals. If you are familiar …

This shows rolls of thin aluminum strips.

Slitting of thin aluminum strips

Thin aluminum strips are used more and more widely. High quality aluminium strips have good flexibility, high precision and good processing toughness. Unlike aluminium strip 2mm or 3mm, they are much thinner and more difficult to be processed. The slitting step proves to be a crucial. Relative slitting rules are as below. The first thing after receiving an order sheet …

coated aluminium strip

Why is the coated aluminium strip used for channel letter

The coated aluminium strip is used for channel letter based on its light weight, strong weather resistance and excellent adaptability to various processing methods. Generally speaking, coated aluminium strips are thin aluminum strips no thicker than 1mm. This greatly reduces the weight of channel letters. In comparison to other metals, aluminium has a much smaller density. In other words, aluminium …

aluminum mirror reflect sheet

Aluminum mirror reflect sheet for reflective panels

One the the usages of the aluminum mirror reflect sheet is as a raw material for reflective panels of solar heat collecting systems. What are its advantages, then? The basic requirement of reflective panels are high reflectivity, which paves way to efficient heat collecting from the sunshine. As its name hints, the aluminum mirror reflect sheet is a kind of …

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