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This is mainly used for introducing news about aluminum strip, aluminum coil, aluminum circle, aluminum slugs.

Coil color aluminum 3003 VS 3004 for roofing

Coil color aluminum 3003 VS 3004 for roofing

3003 and 3004 are two typical alloys for coil color aluminum of roofing. At the very beginning, only 3004 was adopted in aluminum roofing. 3004 aluminum for roofing is made by hot rolling and aging treatment. Its basic thickness is 1.0mm, tensile strength is 300Mpa, elongation is more than 10%, magnesium content is between 1.2-1.5, and manganese content is between …

partition and house made of 3005 aluminum color coil

Application of 3005 aluminum color coil

3005 aluminum color coil is a common member of the coated aluminum family. 3005 aluminum, mainly composed of aluminum and manganese, is known for its excellent anti-rust properties and medium hardness. Plain 3005 aluminium alloy finds its applications in wet conditions or industrial products requiring a certain degree of hardness, like air conditioners, fridges, vehicles, cookware, food containers, chemical containers, …

powder coat aluminum coil

Powder coat aluminum coil

Haomei powder coat aluminum coil is usually coated in the skill of electrostatic spraying. In the industry electrostatic spraying, friction gun spraying, fluidized bed spraying and other methods are used for powder coatings, but electrostatic spraying is the most frequently applied. Haomei produces powder coat aluminium coil of all regular series, like 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx. The coating thickness and …

Haomei coated aluminium coil in stock

Regular alloys and applications of coated aluminium coil

It seems all alloys can be made into coated aluminium coil, but in practice, only some are produced in large quantities based on their wide applications. Generally coated aluminum coil finds its applications in six fields: building, wild construction, interior and exterior decoration, advertising, transport and electronics. These fall in hundreds of specific uses, but corresponding alloys are only a …

mill finish aluminum coil

Mill finish aluminum coil

Mill finish aluminum coil is the basic state of aluminum coil, namely, the initial state of aluminum coil without any subsequent processing. Its production process includes melting and casting, homogenization, hot rolling, cold rolling, annealing, leveling, shearing and inspection. In the melting and casting process, it is necessary to configure the required alloy composition first, then the material is treated …

cd pattern (spiral texture) aluminum sheet

cd pattern (spiral texture) aluminum sheet

The cd pattern (spiral texture) aluminum sheet is a special pattern aluminum sheet. Among the commonly used patterned aluminum plates, there are few spiral patterns. Generally, the more common patterns have five ribs, one rib, three ribs, two ribs, stacked hammer pattern, orange peel, water ripple, cobblestone pattern and so on. The spiral pattern gives people a feeling of dizziness. …

textured embossed aluminum sheet

Textured embossed aluminum sheet application

A textured embossed aluminum sheet has the dual functions of anti-skid and decoration, but its main function is anti-skid. Its surface pattern is formed on the basis of smooth aluminum plate by pressing and calendering with embossing machine. The deeper are these concave and convex patterns, the more wear-resistant the sheet is, and the uses are different, too. Generally speaking, …

textured aluminum sheet metal

Textured aluminum sheet metal specification and price

A textured aluminum sheet metal emphasizes the surface treatment methods of the aluminium sheet: textured, by which there are at least two types of alu sheets included: brushed aluminum sheet and embossed aluminium sheet. Brushed aluminium sheets are obtained by the technology of the surface drawing treatment with very fine convex concave effect. As a repair process, wire drawing is …

1070 aluminum strip coil

1070 aluminum strip coil price in China

In comparison to prices of other aluminium products, 1070 aluminum strip coil price is not high in China, ranging between $2000 to $2300 per metric ton. As a pure industrial aluminum product, 1070 aluminum coil has the characteristics of high plasticity, strong corrosion resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity, but low strength. Its poor in cutting property and satisfying in …

wood grain finish aluminum trim coil

Wood grain finish aluminum trim coil 1060 3003

Wood grain finish aluminum trim coil is a newly developed product based on traditional color coated aluminum coil. Typical alloys for it include 1060 and 3003. It embodies all modern advantages of colored aluminum, realizing the lifelike effect of wood with a stronger body and a smoother surface. The development of wood grain aluminum coil greatly widens the application scope of coated …

5052 aluminum tread plate for platform

5052 aluminum tread plate for platform

Lifting platform is a kind of multi-functional lifting and loading and unloading mechanical equipment. The feature of free lifting of lifting platform has been widely used in municipal maintenance, cargo transportation in docks and logistics centers, construction decoration, etc. The lifting platform can be processed and produced by 5052 aluminum tread plate, and the price of 5052 aluminum tread plate …

Improve the quality of 4 feet by 8 feet aluminum sheets

The number of oil stains on the 4 feet by 8 feet aluminum sheets is an important indicator for evaluating the overall quality of the aluminum sheet, which directly affects the yield and scrap rate of the aluminum sheet. So what is the cause of the oil pollution problem on the aluminum sheet? The aluminum sheet manufacturer will answer its cause …

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