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This is mainly used for introducing news about aluminum strip, aluminum coil, aluminum circle, aluminum slugs.

pvdf color coated aluminum coil

How to Maintain Color Coated Aluminum Coil

The color coated aluminum is a composite material containing both aluminium and mechanics, which endows it with excellent dyeing property and corrosion resistance of mechanism as well as light wight, easy processing and high strength of aluminium. In particular, well-treated pvdf color coated aluminum coil lasts as long as 30 years. These advantages make colour coated aluminium coil the top …

polished aluminum plate

How to Guarantee the Effect of Oxide Film on Aluminum Mirror Sheets

The mirroring effect of an aluminum mirror sheet depends on quality treatment of both substrates and oxidation films. The surface of a substrate itself should reach a given reflectivity, and the matching oxide film should be highly pure and transparent. Here we would like to share how to guarantee the effect of oxidation film on a polished aluminum plate. At …

embossed aluminum sheet

Embossed Aluminum Sheet Metal 6061 And 6063

Although 1060, 3003, 5052 and 5754 are better known as alloys for embossed aluminium products, 6000 series serve as important members as well, including 6061, 6063 and 6082. The 6xxx aluminum alloys mainly contains two alloying elements of magnesium and silicon, so they combine advantages of both 4000 and 5000 series. The 6061 embossed aluminum sheet metal is a cold-processed …

aluminum circle blanks

Aluminium Circle Production Features and Parameters

No superior aluminum wafers can be produced without excellent production lines. Many people search for aluminium circle manufacturers in delhi, yet if you want quality aluminum circle blanks, you need to keep your eyesight a litter wider. Rapid development of the logistics industry now enables you to obtain extraordinary aluminium circle 1050 and other alloys from abroad with relatively low …

color coated aluminum coils

Advantages of Color Coated Aluminum Coils

The color coated aluminum coil is a relatively popular product in the aluminum market. Because of its good cost performance, it is widely used in areas of aluminum ceilings, roofing surfaces, trims, cans, aluminum veneers and the like. Advantages of the coil include advanced technology, high folding resistance, strong decorative effect, strong weather resistance and light weight. 1. Advanced technology …

aluminum slugs supplier

How Are Aluminium Slugs Made into Collapsible Tubes

Aluminium slug pieces can be made into various end products like cosmetic tubes, bottle caps, medicine tubes and collapsible tubes. Then how is a small flat piece of aluminium slug made into various tubes of desired sizes and depth? An aluminum slug for collapsible tube is obtained on a machine that cuts many slugs from a straight bar or coiled …

embossed aluminum sheet price

China Embossed Aluminum Sheet Price

As a foreign importer of aluminum products, you must be curious about bottom prices of China suppliers. Take embossed aluminum sheet price for example. You might have searched so many times without getting a clear and satisfying answer. While this article offers a specific embossed aluminum sheet price for regular alloys you might want from China suppliers. Generally speaking, alloys …

aluminium discs circles

How to Judge Quality of Aluminium Discs Circles

An aluminum circle is one of the most popular semi-processed aluminum products in global market. Aluminium discs circles are made into various end products like food cans, bottle caps, strainers, cooking pots, kettles, aluminum buckets and so on. Then as a purchasing green hand, how should you judge the quality of aluminum circle samples you have received from suppliers that …

aluminum mirror sheet and brushed aluminum sheet metal

Difference Between Aluminum Mirror Sheet and Brushed Aluminum Sheet

There are many types of aluminum sheets which can be classified by usages, alloys and surface treatment methods. Aluminum mirror sheet and brushed aluminum sheet metal are two widely applied types. They are named because of different treatment methods, and they differ in application scope as well. An aluminum mirror sheet refers to aluminium sheets displaying a smooth bright surface …

thin aluminum strips

What Are Thin Aluminum Strips

Thin aluminum strips refer to aluminium tapes of thickness between 0.006mm and 0.20mm. The width usually ranges from 40mm to 1600mm. Alloys include 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 1200, 1235, 3003, 3004, 3104, 5052, 8011 and 8079 etc. Thin aluminum strips are used in cables, transformers, composite packaging, air conditioning, hairdressing, electronic products, explosion-proof products and other products. In comparison with …

painted aluminum coil

Solution to Gloss Problems of Painted Aluminum Coil

As a composite material with multiple chemical elements, painted aluminum coil rolls are extensively applied in various industries. However, a typical problem complained by not a few users is that color coated aluminium materials they use are lacking in enough gloss, which makes them less attractive than they actually should be. Generally there are two reasons for this: process problem …

aluminium reflector sheet

Is the Aluminium Reflector Sheet Used for Solar Reflectors

Generally there are two kinds of materials for high-temperature light and heat solar reflector panels: mirrors and the aluminium reflector sheet which acts as a reflector of sunlight onto the absorber. In China alu mirror sheets are seldom adopted by manufacturers of low temperature photothermal engineering and household products. A few similar manufacturers in some other countries use them in …

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