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This is mainly used for introducing news about aluminum strip, aluminum coil, aluminum circle, aluminum slugs.

These are sheets of aluminium embossed painting.

Aluminium embossed painting paints

There are two types of paints for aluminium embossed painting: PE and PVDF. Generally speaking, a PVDF color coated aluminum coil shows better performance than a PE coated one, especially in resistance to severe conditions. PE paint, also known as unsaturated polyester paint, is a compounded material containing a main agent, a promoter and an initiator. The three carry out …

This is a picture with a pile of aluminum round disc and an aluminum disc pot.

Is it safe to use pots made of aluminum round disc

Pots made of aluminum round disc keeps being popular in spite of people’s concern about health problems they may bring about. Are you also worried in usage of aluminum pots? As an aluminum wafer supplier, we do not give you a specific answer like yes or no, but if you are still using aluminum pots, here is some knowledge you may …

flat aluminium strip

Alloys for flat aluminium strip used in heat sinks

Flat aluminium strip used in heat sinks are mostly made of aluminum alloys rather than pure aluminum which has a poor hardness and is not suitable for process by current technological level. Although some manufacturers are able to supply aluminum strip stock of pure aluminium, it’s much easier to simply process aluminum alloys, and the cost is much lower as …

This is a color board for choosing coated aluminum coil colors.

How to get right aluminum coil stock colors

Aluminum coil stock colors are bewildering to green hands. Basic color categories include black, blue, green, purple, red, green, gray and white, each of which is further divided into series of high gloss, normal gloss and dull gloss. How to get right aluminum coil stock colors? 1. Prepare a color sample with a metal base plate. Other materials are acceptable, …

The reflectivity of a 95% high reflective aluminum sheet is great.

Classification of Aluminum Mirror Sheet

The expression of aluminum mirror sheet is just a general name for aluminum sheets of a reflective surface. If divided further, there are many classification methods. By reflectivity there are standard aluminum mirror sheet, high reflective aluminum sheet and super high reflective aluminum sheet. By surface treatment methods there are polished aluminum plate, mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet and embossed …

Embossed aluminum metal sheet coil is used as a common vehicle decorative material.

Embossed aluminum metal sheet coil as a vehicle decorative material

The embossed metal sheet decorative generally includes embossed aluminum sheets and embossed steel sheets. Five-bar, diamond and stucco embossed aluminum coil sheets are used for decoration of buildings, platforms and vehicles. Here we would like to introduce specifications and properties of aluminum embossed metal panels used for vehicle decoration. Theoretically all aluminium alloys can be made into embossed metal panels, …

Aluminum circles suppliers believe that alu circle has good prospects.

Aluminium circle developing prospects

The advancement of science and technology leads to the rise of various high-intelligence devices, which are inseparable from all kinds of electrical components, and the aluminium circle proves to be a key raw material for electronic components. The rapid development of electronic equipment has become a trend of social development. The production cost is a problem that all major aluminum …

coated aluminium strips price and manufacturer

Aluminium strip price from coated strips manufacturer

Aluminium strip price has a lot to do with specification of a strip. In addition, manufacturers from different countries and regions give different prices. As an aluminium strips manufacturer in Henan, China, Haomei would like to share information of aluminium strip price as below. Aluminium strips can be made of alloys of 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003, 5052 and 8011. Their …

color coated aluminum coil hs code

Color coated aluminum coil hs code

If you are a new color coated aluminum coil importer, you would like to learn the color coated aluminum coil hs code. The fact is, there are more than one hs codes for color coated aluminium rolls of varied thicknesses and shapes. Here is a list of hs codes for regular ones. 7606119900 This is for aluminium plates, sheets and …

reflective aluminum lighting sheet for scutcheon

Reflective Aluminum Lighting Sheet Used for Scutcheon

The reflective aluminum lighting sheet for scutcheon is an aluminum mirror sheet developed especially as a raw material for scutcheon. Its oil adhesive force is good. Sheets that have gone through decrease treatment have clean surfaces so that there’s no need for cleaning before printing. Regular alloys for reflective aluminum lighting sheet include 1050, 1060, 1070, 3003, 3005, 5005, 5052 …

aluminium cheaquered plate 5 bar and embossed aluminum coil

Properties of Aluminium Cheaquered Plate 5 Bar

Haomei supplies embossed aluminium plates of various patterns, including 1 bar, 2 bar, 3 bar, 5 bar etc. Here we will give a simple introduction to properties of aluminium cheaquered plate 5 bar. Also known as willow leaf embossed aluminum, the aluminium cheaquered plate 5 bar is applied extensively in construction of floors and platforms because of its extraordinary anti-skid …

metal aluminium circle 1050 manufacturers

A new mould for metal aluminium circle manufacturers

The aluminium metal circle is a raw material for capacitor shells, toothpaste tubes, shoe cream shells, medicine tubes and glue tubes etc. In particular, capacitor shells must be made of aluminium circle 1050 or other alloys with an aluminium content over 99%. In recent years China capacitor industry has developed so rapidly that it fully meets production requirements of both …

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