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aluminum coated coil pe

Alloys and prices for pe coated aluminum coil

Alloys for aluminum coated coil pe include 3003, 3005, 5005, 1100 etc. The price varies from specification to specification, the lowest only $2200 per metric ton. Details are as below. 3003 and 3005 aluminium alloy are two representatives of 3000 series, known as an anti-rust material. The difference between 3xxx and 1xxx lies in the fact that the anti-rust ability …

5052 color aluminium coil roll for roller shutter

5052 color aluminium coil roll for roller shutter

5052 color aluminium coil for roller shutter is usually of temper H19, thickness 0.125-0.25MM, width 15-100MM and coil inner diameter 300mm. It’s a coated or anodized aluminium roll with magnesium alloy. The paints for it include PE, PVDF and PVC. An anodized aluminium coil proves to be more natural in color and longer in service life, for its anodizing film …

coil stock aluminum

Plain and Pro-people Coil Aluminium 1060

Coil aluminium 1060 is one of the most common type of  coil aluminium, yet many newly-comers of the industry feel confused and disoriented, for there are so many types with numerous usages which usually mix with each other. Today let’s talk about plain and pro-people alloy 1060. Coil aluminium 1060 is a plain one among the big coil aluminium family. …

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