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5052 color aluminium coil roll for roller shutter

July 3, 2020

5052 color aluminium coil for roller shutter is usually of temper H19, thickness 0.125-0.25MM, width 15-100MM and coil inner diameter 300mm. It’s a coated or anodized aluminium roll with magnesium alloy. The paints for it include PE, PVDF and PVC. An anodized aluminium coil proves to be more natural in color and longer in service life, for its anodizing film is strong, hard and thin.

5052 color aluminium coil roll for roller shutter

5052 aluminium coil is used for roller shutter for the following reasons. First, it’s light. As known to all, aluminium coil and sheet products are much lighter than those of other ordinary industrial metals, and 5000 series aluminium ranks top in lightness among all aluminium alloys. It’s composed of aluminium and magnesium which has an even smaller density than aluminum. That’s why 5052 and 5083 aluminum grades serve as a regular material for marine and air plane building. Second, 5052 coil has a medium strength. It’s harder than 1xxx and 3xxx alloys yet softer than 2xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx ones. This endows it with excellent plasticity as a roller shutter material which must be soft enough to withstand strong winds against the window. Third, 5052 coil aluminium boasts an excellent anodizing effect. Different from 3003, 3004 and 3105 aluminium alloys that shows uneven colors on the surface after being anodized, 5000 aluminum suits anodizing process perfectly. Even high-end cell phone shells are made of anodized 5xxx sheets. Fourth, 5052 colored aluminum coil is resistant to sunshine, rain, wind, frost and erosion, which is crucial as a roller shutter material. The composition of magnesium helps to strengthen the coil’s corrosion resistance. And anodizing or color coating further improves such a property. Last but not least, 5052 color coated aluminium coil has a favorable price regarding its properties. It’s only a little more expensive than 3000 coil rolls but boasts much better performances.

Haomei supplies 3003 and 5052 color aluminium coil rolls for shutters. Welcome to email april@aluminumhm.com for a price!

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