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3005 h44 pe coat aluminum coil

August 14, 2020

3005 h44 pe coat aluminum coil has a strength which is 20% higher than 3003 aluminum coil, and its corrosion resistance is better, too. H44 refers to a process consisting of two steps: work hardening and then paint coating, with 50% hardness treatment of the coil. 3005 aluminum coil falls on the Al-Mn alloy, boasting medium strength, good plasticity and excellent erosion resistance, serving as a regular material for color coated aluminium coil stocks, bulb heads, blinds, curtain walls etc.

3005 h44 pe coat aluminum coil

3005 h44 pe coat aluminum coil is coated with the paint of Poly Ethylen, composed of the main agent, accelerator, and initiator. The three are mixed with each other to carry out polymerization and bridging reaction for curing. The solvent is styrene, which participates in the reaction during film formation. 3005 h44 aluminum coated coil pe has an excellent overall performance. The hardness of top coat can reach more than 3H. The paint film basically does not collapse. High-gloss mirror effect can be obtained after dry film polishing. The dry film is stable, not easily affected by the environment, and not easily whitened. In addition, pe paint has a high solid content, close to 100%, and can form a thicker paint film at one time, with good sealing performance and high fullness. It dries quickly, reacts inside and outside at the same time, and the construction time is only 50% of PU. One PE primer is equivalent to two PU primers, which saves the grinding and spraying process and saves more than 60% of labor costs. Last but not least, the volatilization of harmful gases after pe film formation is basically zero. Therefore, the 3005 h44 pe coat aluminum coil is very environmental friendly.

Combining so many advantages above, 3005 pe aluminium coil covers a wide range of application, including roofing, wall cladding, aluminium honeycomb panels, make-up sheets, photocopier roller and so on.

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