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Aluminium coil weight and thickness

August 12, 2020

Aluminium coil weight classification

Aluminum coil blanks: 5-6 tons per roll

Light aluminum coil rolls: 1.5-2 tons

Heavy aluminum coil rolls: 3 tons

The weight of aluminum coil depends on the feeding frame capacity of the manufacturer. If you need heavier or lighter ones, you can ask your supplier to manage it.

aluminium coil

Aluminium coil weight formula

Aluminum coil weight = (Coil Diameter*1/2*3.142 – Inner Diameter*1/2*3.142 )*Coil width * 2.7(Density of Aluminium)

Please note that all the units of diameter and width above is mm.

This formula helps to get only a rough weight of an aluminium coil roll, for the densities of different alloys vary, too, and there are always errors in diameter measurement whatever kind of method you use. If you need a precise weight, the only way is to separate inner cores and aluminium coil rolls and to weigh them separately.

Aluminum coil thickness

Aluminium coil thickness ranges between 0.2mm to 8mm. Strictly speaking, aluminium foil falls on the group of aluminum coil, too, since it’s usually of roll type, but its thickness is usually 0.2mm below and it differs in application, too. Therefore, when we refer to the thickness of aluminum coil, we mean those aluminium rolls of 0.2mm thick and above.

Although the range of aluminium coil thickness is large, most rolls are between 0.2mm and 2mm. Take insulation aluminium coil for example, the most popular thickness is 0.75mm. And the equally popular coated aluminum roof coil is only 0.6mm to 1.0mm thick. Only aluminium rolls for special uses are thicker. Of course, you can ask your supplier to provide any thickness less than 8mm according to your actual needs.

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