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Surface treatment methods for brushed aluminum sheets

August 11, 2020

There are four surface treatment methods for brushed aluminum sheets: electrophoresis painting, powder electrostatic spraying, frosted fabric, multi-tone surface treatment and plasma enhanced electrochemical surface ceramization.

1. Electrophoresis painting: a surface treatment method adopted mostly in Japan. This brings out the smooth part of the aluminium sheet surface and enhances the corrosion resistance of the sheet.

2. Powder electrostatic spraying: The main feature is to enhance the corrosion resistance of the aluminum plate, especially resistance to some acid-base salt. A brushed aluminum acrylic sheet falls on this type.

brushed aluminum sheets

3. Frosted fabric: Although brushed aluminium sheets are bright themselves, some elements usually rise to reduce this brightness level, which can be solved by frosting method. The surface of a frosted brushed aluminium sheet is smooth as silk, eliminating possible reflection interference.

4. Multi-tone surface treatment: Colors of traditional brushed aluminum sheets can no longer meet the needs of some designers. In order to make the aluminum sheet work better, various color treatments appear, which makes the color of the brushed aluminum sheet change. Anodizing process for brushed aluminium sheet proves to be the best.

5. Plasma enhanced electrochemical surface ceramization: This is the advanced science and technology used. The quality of the aluminum plate after this treatment is good, although the cost is higher, but you get what you pay for. The important thing is that this aluminum plate can also carry out a series of color registration.

With technological development and rising market demands, more and more surface treatment methods for brushed aluminum sheets might come out in the future.

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