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Why is coated embossed aluminum coil used for roofing

August 11, 2020

A main application of the coated embossed aluminium coil falls on roofing. It’s used for roofing because of its good decorative effect, easy maintenance and long service life. Popular alloys are 1100 and 3003, with aluminium coil thickness 0.018mm to 1.0mm, coating thickness 0.25mm to 0.5mm, and width less than 1600mm. Mill finish aluminum rolls go through embossing, cleaning, roller coating and baking before obtaining an embossed coated surface. The coil is divided into PE coated coil, pvdf coated coil and epoxy roller coated aluminum coil. The number of coating sides is decided by application purposes, including one side with PE or PVDF, two sides with PE and PVDF and both sides with PVDF or PE.

coated embossed aluminum coil used for roofing

The coated aluminum coil for roofing can be of mill finish or embossed surface in China. With the embossed ones, patterns usually incorporate diamond and stucco, both of which are simple and beautiful. The coil is usually coated with black, brown, gold and white pe paints on the front side and white on the back side. These colors and patterns help aluminium roofing sheets to match varied building styles and design intentions.

The coating layer of roofing embossed coated aluminium rolls is stiff and solid. Natural rains do no harm to it. In contrast, rain water flushes dust and dirt off the roofing sheet surface easily. Even if there isn’t any rain for a long time, you need not to worry about maintenance of the sheet. It withstands long term exposure to strong sunshine and weeks of coverage by cold snow in winter. The paint film consists of at least two layers, and it is so even that it prevents all possible erosive materials from getting into the inner layer aluminium. The service life of PE rolls ranges between 10 and 20 years, and that of PVDF rolls reaches 3 decades and longer.

Haomei roof embossed aluminum coil China adopts pre-roll coating process, boasting advantages of good color difference control, uniform paint film, high performance stability, and excellent environmental protection effect. Width covers 50mm to 1600mm and coating thickness 14micron to 20micron. The coil weight is 1.0 to 3.0 tons per roll, and the coil diameter 150mm, 405mm and 505mm. All regular embossing patterns and paint types are available.

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