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    Alloy: 1050 1060 1070 1100 3003 3004 3105 5005 5052 5754

    Temper: O H12 H22 H14 H24 H114 H26

    Thickness: 0.25~8mm

    Width: 100-2000mm

    • Specifications

    A stucco embossed finish of aluminium sheet coil is achieved by processing the natural mill finish material through embossing rollers. This provides a surface diffusing light and reducing reflectivity. It is used for applications on decorative effects, or to reduce surface reflectivity. Embossed finish can also enhance the thickness and strength of aluminum. As a stable and durable material, it has excellent performances as a roofing or cladding material without the need of any protective coating.

    The stucco embossed aluminium sheet manufacturers usually supply two kinds of patterns: classic (traditional orange peel) stucco embossed aluminum sheets and variant (worm-like pattern) stucco embossed aluminium sheet coil rolls. In China, these sheets and coils are also called orange peel aluminium, simply because the pattern resembles the line on the rind of oranges. China stucco embossed aluminium coil serves as a regular material for inner lining, packaging and heat exchanging units in fridges, air conditioners and other electric products.

    buy stucco embossed aluminum sheet coil

    Among leading embossed aluminum sheet coil suppliers, Haomei supply aluminium products of good price and high quality, and it welcomes clients from all over the world to buy our stucco embossed aluminium products as below.

    Name Buy Stucco Embossed Aluminum Sheet and Coil
    Alloy 1050 1060 1070 1100 3003 3004 3105 5005 5052 5754
    Temper O H12 H22 H14 H24 H114 H26
    Thickness 0.25~8mm
    Width 100-2000mm, and we have slitting machines to cut aluminium rolls width as required.
    Color Silver, or as per customer’s requirement
    Packaging Standard seaworthy export packing: wooden pallets with plastics protection
    Payment TT, LC, West Union, Kunlun Bank etc.

       Specifically speaking, stucco embossed aluminium sheet coil is widely used in refrigerators, solar heat reflectors, decorative aluminum products, lamps, bags, disinfection box, air conditioning, ventilation ducts, indoor & outdoor decoration, bus body, metal jacketing, machinery and equipment housing and other industries.

    Among leading stucco embossed aluminium coil manufacturers in China, Haomei have two typical specification in stock: 1060 stucco embossed aluminium coil for pipe insulation, featured by excellent heat preservation effect, and stucco embossed aluminum coil 3003 for refrigeration heat sinks, with a thickness from 0.3mm to 5.0mm and width 1000mm to 1900mm. We guarantee that our stucco embossed aluminum sheet products are free from oil stains, rolling marks and scratches. The cutting section will be neat, even and free from burs.

    In addition to stucco pattern, we also supply good price embossed aluminium sheet coil of orange peel, cobblestone, hammer, pebble, 5-bar, 3-bar, 2-bar, 1-bar, diamond, etc. The sheets or rolls are of excellent anti-slip performance, strong resistance against corrosion, high stability and long service life. If you need to learn stucco embossed aluminum sheet coil price, welcome to contact us!

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