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Brushed aluminium sheet for lamp parts

August 10, 2020

Brushed aluminum sheets are divided into many types in accordance with its applications, such as 1060 brushed aluminium sheet for photo frames, brushed aluminium sheet for cell phone shells and so on. The aluminum plate is subjected to special oxidation treatment, fine wire drawing and polishing, and a dense protective layer is formed on the surface, which has excellent wear resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. With the prevalence of metal fashion, this kind of high-grade metal texture aluminum plates processed by frosted, chrome-plated and other processes has increasingly become the new favorite of the signage, panel, cabinet door panel, and lighting industries. As a material for lamp parts, brushed aluminum sheet metal can be made into lamp bases, lamp covers, lamp ornament pieces etc, winning increasing popularity with its unique appearance and outstanding application features.

brushed aluminium sheet

The surface of brushed aluminum sheets are very textured and bright, giving the lamps a modern fashionable sense. The appearance of lamps can be further improved by anodizing process of brushed plates. If you need your lamp base and cover to be gold, for example, brushed gold aluminum sheet pieces are available. If you need them to be rose gold, blue or copper, manufacturers are able to satisfy you as well. It’s of great importance for a lamp material to be fire-proof. Because the surface of the oxidized brushed aluminum plate is treated by a special treatment process, the aluminum substrate also has a very high melting point. Therefore, in the application process of an anodized brushed aluminium sheet, it will not burn or support combustion even if it encounters a fire source, and it can even play a good role in blocking the fire source. Of course, the precondition is that there are no other materials of low burning points in the lamp.

In addition to good appearance and fire-proof property, brushed aluminium plates are easy to be maintained and long-lasting as a lamp material. Stains will not be easily adsorbed on the surface and even if such a case occurs, there is no need to worry about cleaning, because we only need to wipe the dirt with a towel or paper towel. The pates are long lasting because with an oxide film of standard thickness(3um), they does not change color for long-term indoor use, does not corrode, oxidize, or rust. Anodized brushed aluminum sheets has high surface hardness, good scratch resistance, retains the metal color of the aluminum plate, highlights the modern metallic feeling, and improves the grade and added value of the lamp.

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