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brushed aluminium sheet 1060

1060 brushed aluminium sheet for photo frames

Brushed 1060 aluminum sheet for photo frames is 0.1mm to 1.0mm thick, and up to 1600mm wide. The colors include silver, light gold, light blue, light copper etc. Since the quality of aluminum is much lighter than glass, anodized aluminum, especially the brushed anodized aluminum plate, has become the designated material for photo frame manufacturers. 1060 aluminium sheet has natural …

Brushed aluminium sheet for phone shell

Brushed aluminium sheet for cell phone shells

The application of brushed aluminum sheets in cell phone shells is not novel any more. As long as years ago, Apple took the first step to adopt brushed aluminium to case its batteries, attracting public attention to the once unknown brushed aluminium. The bold creativity of Apple designers is based on excellent performances of brushed aluminium composite sheet: light weight, …

Brushed aluminium sheet for labels

Brushed aluminium sheet for labels

Brushed aluminum sheets 4×8 are a type of aluminium product for labels with a given size. Other sizes are available, too, and the thickness of the sheets ranges from 0.18mm to 3mm. Further cut into small pieces of given sizes, they finally turn into delicate labels with logo designs or instructions for bags, dresses, art craft, ornaments, electronic items, machinery …

Brushed aluminium sheet for furniture and home appliance

Brushed aluminium sheet for furniture and home appliance

A brushed aluminium sheet is a special friction extrusion plate falling on different patterns and specifications matching varied application conditions. While being used in furniture and home appliance, the sheet should be selected carefully. Purchasers should pay attention not only to the quality of the sheets, but also to the color, line pattern and anodizing film thickness. If you need …

brushed aluminium sheet

Anodizing process for brushed aluminium sheet

Anodizing is an additional process for a brushed aluminium sheet. In other words, not all brushed sheets are anodized unless required by clients. Wire drawing and anodizing are two different aluminum plate surface treatment processes. Wire drawing is a manufacturing process in which an aluminum plate is forced to pass through the mold under the action of external force, during …

anodized aluminium baking sheet

Anodized aluminium baking sheet

An anodized aluminium baking sheet is an aluminum sheet made especially for baking, represented by 3003, 5005 and 5052 alloys, among which 3003 is the most popular. An anodized sheet differs from regular aluminium sheets in stronger hardness, corrosion resistance and insulation. Anodizing is to take aluminum alloy as anode and form oxide film on its surface by electrolysis. After …

5xxx aluminium mirror sheet

5xxx aluminium mirror sheet

A 5xxx aluminium mirror sheet refers to a reflective aluminum mirror sheet of Al-Mg alloy, including 5005, 5052, 5083 etc. Similar to aluminum, magnesium is silver-white, and it is the lightest metal found in the world. Its density is only one-fourth that of steel and one-third lighter than aluminum that is known for light weight. As the eighth element of …

1.8mm aluminium sheet glass mirror

1.8mm aluminium sheet glass mirror

A 1.8mm aluminium sheet glass mirror is a type of mirror sheets of 1.8mm thick. Such a thickness ranks medium in alu mirror sheets, commonly from 0.15mm to 8mm thick. In fact, the mirror aluminum plate is a special kind of aluminum plate. Through various methods such as rolling and grinding, the surface of the plate is mirror-like. While in …

anodized aluminium sheet 6mm

Anodized aluminium sheet 6mm for furniture panels

Anodized aluminium sheet 6mm proves to be a relatively thick piece in anodized sheets. A big share of its thickness falls on that of the base sheet, since the thickest anodized aluminium film does not exceed 125 micron (0.125mm) normally. High thickness enables the sheet to serve as weight-carrying panels in application, and furniture panels are among its typical uses. …

aluminium mirror glass sheets

Aluminium mirror glass sheets

Aluminium mirror glass sheets are also known as an aluminium mirror sheet glass. They are obtained by continuous rolling of aluminium into sheet which are further polished and anodized. The reflectivity of mirrored sheets falls on three categories: common, good and super. Anodized sheets can even be coated with more attractive colors, like gold, rose gold, red, blue, black, copper …


1060 anodized aluminium sheet

Among the most popular anodised aluminium products, the 1060 anodized aluminium sheet is used extensively in industries from plane building to handicraft making. Its specifications are as below. Alloy: 1060 Temper:O-H112 Thickness: 0.1mm-20mm Surface treatment: anodized Color: blue, gold, rose gold, black, white, green etc. Features In comparison to a common 1060 aluminium sheet, a 1060 anodized aluminium plate has …

05mm anodized aluminium sheet

05mm anodized aluminium sheet specification and process

Specification of 05mm anodized aluminium sheet Alloy: 1050, 1060, 1100, 1070, 3003, 3004, 3005, 5052, 5083 and 6061 Temper: T, O-H112 Thickness: 0.1-20mm Width: 300-1500mm Length: customized Surface treatment: anodizing Process of 05mm anodized aluminium sheet The fixture for an anodized aluminium sheet is completely different from the hanger for electroplating. It is necessary to use a flexible fixture to …

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