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Differences between anodized and common aluminium sheets

Aluminium sheets are so closely related to our daily life that their end products are ubiquitous either in interior decoration or domestic belongings. In comparison to common sheets, an aluminium anodized sheet metal are more favored by manufacturers of various products. What differences between anodized and common aluminium sheets, then, make the former more popular? An anodized aluminium sheet metal …

anodized aluminium sheet supplier

Film control from an anodized aluminium sheet supplier

To guarantee film thickness of anodized aluminum plate, suppliers must also follow the following three tips. A. The fixture contact should be firm and reliable The poor contact between an aluminium sheet and the fixture mainly occurs in the following two aspects. 1. Between the alu sheet and the fixture. When the clamp has poor elasticity, the cross-sectional area of …

black anodized aluminium sheet

Functions of anodizing in black anodized aluminium sheet

A black anodized aluminium sheet refers to an aluminium sheet going through the anodizing process during which its surface gets stronger and obtains the color of black. Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. In spite of its expensive cost, anodizing is applied frequently to …

aluminium sheet price

Aluminium Sheet Price

Aluminium sheet price varies from day to day and supplier to supplier. No matter how it changes, it’s influenced stably by several factors: instant price of aluminum ingots, fabricating cost and delivery cost. Generally speaking, delivery cost stays relatively steady unless something unexpected happens. Aluminum ingot price has a lot to do with sate of the whole industry, which only …

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