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Aluminium Sheet 3mm

October 25, 2021

Haomei Aluminum supply aluminium sheet 3mm with inventory and finished products in stock, or production according to customers requirement. Haomei Aluminum is a well known aluminium sheet supplier in China, especially for the 3mm thickness aluminium sheet of our company’s products. Therefore, many people must be very curious about the application of 3mm aluminum sheet.

aluminium sheet 3mm

1, Application of car floor

If you pay attention, after careful observation, you will find that this aluminium sheet 3mm is everywhere in our lives. But maybe you don’t pay too much attention or think it is stainless steel or something. Actually not, and the automotive floor application is a aluminum sheet application that accounts for a relatively large proportion of the 3mm aluminum sheet application. The appearance of aluminum is again, let’s not talk about it, while it is bright and still lightweight. Therefore, it is not difficult to find that the aluminum sheet has indeed made an outstanding contribution to the automotive field.


2, Application of car body shell

The cold storage, cold storage truck, and the upper and lower sides of the cold storage are all made of 3mm aluminium sheet to make finished products, and it is more suitable for the application of this kind of car body shell. For example, walking in a cold storage can achieve anti-skid, after all, after the water in the cold storage is transformed into ice, once the anti-slip aluminum sheet is used, the advantage will come out, whether it is around or on the ground can be well reflected. It is non-slip, free from freezing, beautiful and has a good lifespan. It is necessary to know that the life of alloy aluminium sheet is generally maintained at about 10 years. However, aluminum has various advantages of recycle and reusing.


3, Application of truck mudguard

In fact, to be more precise and more precise, it belongs to the trailer fender. This type of aluminum jacketing is similar to that used in our cars, except that the trailer’s wheels are relatively wide, so the area required for the fender is relatively large. Therefore, the truck uses aluminium sheet 3mm as this fender. Good performance, non-slip, and many advantages. However, the cost may be higher than the iron sheet, but the life of the iron sheet is far inferior to the advantages of this 3 mm aluminum sheet.

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