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1060 1050 three strip stamped aluminum sheet

September 24, 2020

1060 1050 three strip stamped aluminum sheet refers to an aluminium tread plate with 3-bar patterns of 1060 or 1050 aluminium alloy. The two alloys, composed of similar chemical elements in both names and ratios, are sometimes replaced by each other in application and production. That’s why people searching ribbed aluminium sheets put the two together.

In practice 1050 aluminium sheet is less popular. It contains 99.5% aluminum, 0.1% less than 1060. Both are known as members of pure industrial aluminium series. Neither of the two can be heat treated, thus the only way to improve their mechanical properties is by hot rolling. Basic features of 1050 include high plasticity, good corrosion resistance, low strength and satisfying conductivity. 1050 finds its applications in vast fields, such as lighting, solar energy, ornaments, chemical containers, labels, electronic products, cookware, heat sink pieces, printing plates, wall cladding and so on. In comparison 1050 stamped aluminum sheet is less frequently applied than plain 1050 aluminium plates and coil rolls.

1060 1050 three strip stamped aluminum sheet

Theoretically speaking, the more aluminum content an aluminium sheet grade has, the softer it is. The 0.1% more aluminum content makes 1060 aluminum sheet more suitable for stretching and deep drawing. Compared to 1050, it boasts better elongation, tensile strength, conductivity, forming ability and reflectivity. It’s a regular and the most popular industrial aluminium alloy for five, one and three strip stamped aluminum sheets used for anti-skid and decorative purposes. Mill finish 1060 aluminium plates are divided into many types by either thickness or application scope. They find their applications in all the fields of 1050 and cover extra fields like molds, auto parts, bus bars etc.

1060 1050 three strip stamped aluminum sheet is applied in aluminium checker plates for coach luggage panels, aluminum treading plates for flooring of buses, wall cladding for gyms and shopping malls etc. Among leading aluminium suppliers with a 20-year history serving the global market, Haomei provides 5 bar, 1 rib and three strip stamped aluminium sheets of top quality and competitive prices. Welcome to contact us for a quotation!

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