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Aluminum color coil types and prices

September 24, 2020

Aluminum color coil falls on three types by processing methods: color coated aluminium coil, mirror finish anodized aluminum coil and brushed anodised aluminium coil.

aluminum color coil

Color coated aluminum coil is the most popular type in either production or application. When we speak of aluminum color coil, we refer to aluminum coil with paint coating if there are no special notes. This type of aluminum coil is obtained by surface cleaning, chromizing, roller coating and baking of a mill finish aluminum roll, featured by light weight, bright color, easy forming property and good corrosion resistance. With epoxy roll coating method, the coil can be coated with paints of PE and PVDF. One side or both sides are painted with desired paints in accordance to demands of clients. The coating thickness has a lot to do with the paint layer number. One-layer coating is from 4μm to 20 μm, two-layer 25μm-28 μm, and three-layer 35μm-38μm. The patterns and colors are diverse. Pure colors can be customized in reference to alcoa aluminum coil stock colors, special patterns include wood grain, stone grain, brick grain, cloth grain and camouflage grain. In addition, an aluminium color coil can even be embossed for specialized purposes like insulation and decoration.

Mirror finish anodized aluminum coil and brushed anodized aluminum coil are less frequently applied, but they take up a market of color aluminum coil that should not be overlooked. The coloring process for them is anodizing, an advanced technology combining chemical and mechanical reactions of aluminium coil rolls. Either it is a mirror coil or a brushed coil, it should be anodized after being polished or brushed, or else the reflectivity and the brushing lines on the coil surface will be damaged during the following anodizing procedure. Mirror anodized aluminium rolls are used in fields taking advantage of their reflectivity, like solar panels, interior decorative panels, labels, ornaments and other reflective panels, and brushed anodized coils in building, furniture, advertising and so on.

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