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color coated aluminum coil for venetian blind

Why is Aluminum Coil Used for Venetian Blind

Aluminum blinds run neck to neck with plastic blinds in the market. They have won popularity because of excellent properties of raw materials: aluminum coil rolls. There are two types of aluminum coil for venetian blind: grade 3005 and 5052, both of which have light weight, high strength, excellent flexural behavior, good adaptability to surface treatment methods and strong corrosion …

5052 aluminum coil

The main metal elements of 5052 aluminum coil are aluminum and magnesium. Magnesium has an even lighter weight than aluminum, boating good tensile strength and heat conductivity. It also contains a small amount of manganese, chromium, niobium, titanium, and the like. Most of the manganese in the alloy forms MnAl6 except for a small amount of solid solution. In the …

3005 aluminum coil for venetian blind

3005 Aluminum Coil for Venetian Blind

The venetian blind can be made of bamboos, glass, plastics and aluminium. Alloys of aluminum coil for venetian blind usually contains 3005 and 5052. 3005 aluminum coil is a type of corrosion resistant aluminium. It’s about 20% stronger than 3003. Its main alloy element is manganese which takes up a content between 1.0% and 1.5%. Manganese is an anti-rust element. …

aluminum coil for venetian blind

Pros and Cons of Aluminum Coil for Venetian Blind

Venetian blinds are winning more and more popularity because of their simplicity in design and convenience in function. In additions to bamboo, glass and plastics, aluminum coil rolls prove to be another fashionable material for venetian blinds. Aluminum coil for venetian blind is usually oxidized and baked to prevent corrosion and rust. It has smooth surface, excellent handle, rich color, …

3003 pvdf color coated aluminum coil for beverage cans

3003 PVDF Color Coated Aluminum Coil for Beverage Cans

3003 pvdf color coated aluminum coil is a regular product for beverage cans. It has good corrosion resistance, workability, printing ability and light weight. 3003 aluminum coil contains a certain content of manganese that is known for excellent corrosion resistance. As the most widely applied anti-rust aluminum coil, 3003 is not suitable for heat treatment, thus cold processing is the …

buy stucco embossed aluminum sheet coil

A stucco embossed finish of aluminium sheet coil is achieved by processing the natural mill finish material through embossing rollers. This provides a surface diffusing light and reducing reflectivity. It is used for applications on decorative effects, or to reduce surface reflectivity. Embossed finish can also enhance the thickness and strength of aluminum. As a stable and durable material, it …

high quality aluminum coil sheet for ropp caps, aluminum coil sheet for ropp caps, aluminum coil sheet, aluminum bottle capping sheet

High Quality Aluminum Coil Sheet for Ropp Caps

With ever growing demand in anti-fake function, more and more bottled liquid manufacturers are in search of high quality aluminum coil sheet for ropp caps. According to experts in the industry, environmentally friendly aluminum caps do have some advantages overshadowing plastic ones. No wonder they become properer than before. To grasp this market opportunity, aluminum sheet suppliers all over the …

aluminum coil stock colors

Aluminum Coil Stock Colors

As one of the main aluminum alloy products widely applied, the aluminum coil is seldom processed directly into end products. It usually goes through various assistant manufacturing processes to get ready for different end usages. The most ordinary assistant process is color coating. Aluminum coil stock colors can be made in accordance with specific application and requirement of clients. Generally …

aluminum trim coil stock

Aluminum Trim Coil Stock

Aluminum trim coil stock serves as raw material for casings trims wrapping windows, entry doors, ply gem shutters, accents shutters and ply gem stones etc. Owing to strong decorative function of aluminum trim coils, they are usually painted with hundreds of colors and designs to match various housing styles. There are solid colors, metallic colors, stone grains and wood grains. …

aluminum trim coil

Aluminum Trim Coil

Aluminum trim coils are used to create decorative trim accents and architectural design elements. They help to cover and protect hard-to-maintain areas on a home’s exterior. Their application includes trim around windows and doors, flashing around skylights, dormers and lobby, cladding and do-it-yourself projects etc. Owing to their decorative function, aluminum trim coils are usually painted on one side. Sometimes …

aluminum coil stock suppliers

Good Aluminum Coil Stock Suppliers In China

The number of aluminum coil stock suppliers in China keeps increasing. It takes great effort to pick really outstanding suppliers out of numerous ones. Are you receiving dozens of quotations every day yet still at a loss? If you have no idea about features that excellent suppliers have, you’ll waste much time and energy. Generally speaking, good aluminum coil stock …

Aluminum coil for gutter

Product Aluminum coil for gutter/aluminium coil Material Pure aluminum or aluminum alloy   Alloy 1060,1200,1100,2024,2124,3003,3004,3A12,5052,5652, 5154,5254,5454,5083,5754,5086,5056,5456,5A02,6061, 6062,6063,7075,8011,etc. Temper O – H112   Size Thickness:0.1mm-30mm Width:1mm-2200mm Length:1m-12m or as required. Surface Oxidation,embossed, mill, bright, polished, hair line, brush, sand blast, checkered etc.         Application of aluminum coil for gutter Our Aluminum coil/aluminium coil is widely used in: gutter, channel letter, advertising construction, decoration, hardware, electric appliances, machinery and other industrial and civil purposes, such as electronic capacitor,composite cooker,rice cooker, refrigerator,computer casting,telecommunication,equipment, lamp shade,air conditioner,cosmetics cover and so on. Or it can be made as customers’ requirement.   Export countries United State, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Germany, UK, …

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