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Aluminum coil sheet 5052 for beverage cans

June 10, 2021

Aluminum coil sheet 5052 has many applications, and beverage cans are one of them. Standards for beverage can materials are very strict. They should be light, strong and portable. The application of aluminium in beverage cans dates back to the 1960s in America, when the unit weight of cans was about 60g, much lighter than that of other materials already. With continuous development in aluminum production technology and can design, the figure drops to only about 15g today. The thickness of aluminum coil sheet for beverage cans has been reduce, too, the thinnest only about 0.25mm. All these developments promote the application of aluminum in beverage packing.

Rolls of aluminum coil sheet 5052

A few alloys of aluminum coil sheet can be applied to beverage cans, and 5052 is one of them. 5052 aluminum coil sheet is made into the bottom and ring of a can. The temper is H19, very hard actually. Aluminum coil 5052 has been selected as a can material for several reasons. First, it has a low density, even lower than most other aluminum alloys. This indicates more cans can be made out of a ton of 5052 aluminum coil sheets. Second, it has a strong corrosion resistance, which is essential as a beverage packing material. Third, it has a good tensile strength, suitable for processes of deep drawing and stretching. Fourth, it has the advantages of heat resistance, good conductivity, odorless, non-toxic, good printing effect, etc. Resisting acid and alkali corrosion, it is durable, recyclable, economical and environmentally friendly.

Although the fabrication technology for aluminum coil sheet 5052 is quite mature, the production of thin beverage can material needs higher production level. The 5052 coil sheet produced by Haomei is smooth, glossy and suitable for slitting and cutting. We control the thickness error within 0.005mm, and guarantee further process quality by providing quality certificates.

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