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5052 h32 aluminum coil for sale

June 7, 2021

5052 h32 aluminum coil has stabler mechanical properties than 5052 H22 alu coil. It’s been work hardened and then stabilized to 25% of the full hardness. Therefore, it’s only a little harder than 5052 O aluminium. 5052 boasts good fatigue strength, high elongation and strong corrosion resistance itself. Its coil of H32 state displays such features excellently. The coil can not be heat treated, but can be improved in mechanical property by hot rolling process. Its plasticity changes with cold hardening states, good in half hardening and low in full hardening. Mill finished 5052 alu coil can be further treated in surface: anodizing, color coating, polishing etc. It can be welded by electric welding machines, which widens its application field.

A roll of 5052 h32 aluminum coil

The coil can be processed into 0.2mm to 1.0mm thick, and 100mm to 2650mm wide by Haomei. The manufacturing process is hot rolling. We have advanced continuous production lines, top engineers and strict quality rules. The H32 5052 aluminum coil produced by Haomei is featured by good plate cut, outstanding surface quality, accurate chemical composition and ideal mechanical properties. We follow specified rules in raw material choosing, composition ratio, machine operation, error scope, inspection and testing. Bearing in mind that quality equals life span of a manufacturer, we would rather lose deals than give way to price wars.

5052 h32 aluminium coil is mainly applied to several fields: vehicle making, shipbuilding and aluminium tread plates. It can be made into tool boxes for cars and trucks, oil tanks of kinds of vehicles, auto parts, tread plates for various anti-skid and decorative purposes and lots of things for ships: chimney, bulwark, roof and side panels of marine vessels, decks and so on. If you need checker coil, Haomei supplies it, too. However, the coil can not be used as a foil because tempers for 5052 aluminum foil exclude H32, unless you need the foil property quite stable.

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