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1xxx series emboss aluminum coil for roofing and insulation

September 27, 2020

1xxx series emboss aluminum coil for roofing and insulation include grades of 1050, 1060 and 1100. Embossed roofing coil is usually painted, and insulation coil is of diamond or stucco pattern.

1xxx series emboss aluminum coil

Roofing aluminum coil is usually painted at last, the surface can be first mill finished or embossed. An emboss aluminum roof coil can be of 1xxx or 3xxx series, and the grade of 1xxx falls on 1100, the hardest and most corrosion resistant of pure industrial aluminium. 1100 aluminium roofing coil can be embossed with diamond or stucco, and the most popular colors include black, brown and white. The paints are also PE and PVDF, usually 0.014mm to 0.02mm thick. And the total thickness of the coil ranges from 0.25mm to 0.5mm. The width of the coil can be as big as 1600mm. The coil weight can be customized, between one to three tons per roll. In comparison to mill finish color coated aluminum coil for roofing, embossed coated aluminum coil is more decorative and heat insulating.

1xxx series emboss aluminum coil for insulation include grades of 1050 and 1060. The embossed pattern is regularly stucco, the unique lines of which bring the insulation effect of aluminum into full play. The coil, normally applied in pipe insulation, is usually 0.01mm to 3.0mm thick and 800mm to 1226mm wide. Although most 1050 and 1060 aluminum coil suppliers and manufacturers provide coating and anodizing processes, most pipe insulation rolls are only mill finished, unless there is need of decoration. Of course, painted and anodized aluminum coil rolls boast stronger weather resistance and longer service life. The price, however, would be higher, too. Clients are advised to choose based on their practical needs. If you are not sure about specifications, just contact us freely and we will recommend the most cost efficient embossed insulation aluminum coil for you!

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