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3105 china pp cap aluminium coil suppliers

September 22, 2020

Among leading 3105 china pp cap aluminium coil suppliers, Haomei 3105 pp cap aluminum coil has been winning great popularity in both domestic and global markets. 3105 aluminum bottle cap materials are widely used in food packaging. Because aluminum has good oxidation resistance, a dense oxide film is formed on the surface of aluminum, which protects the original physical properties of bottled products and has good sealing performance.

3105 china pp cap aluminium coil

How does Haomei win clients stably? First, it adheres to the principle of “quality first”. Haomei insists on product research and development as the top priority. It has always regarded product quality as the life of the company, and invested heavily in improving the traditional production process. Our 3105 bottle cap material produced has superior performance and positive feedback from cooperative customers. With certain anti-corrosion ability, strong stress corrosion cracking ability and strong plasticity, 3105 aluminum coil for bottl cap is suitable for both hot and cold processing. The content of the impurity element Cu is kept below 0.2%, which not only improves the tensile strength of the 3105 alloy, but also does not affect its corrosion resistance. Second, Haomei sticks to considerate after-sales service, which proves to be a top factor for the popularity of our 3105 aluminum pp cap coil. We attach high importance to feedback from both small and large clients, and pay special attention to negative words, which serve as crucial assistance to our improvement in both product quality and service. There is no perfect product unless clients say so.

Haomei supplies 3105 aluminum coil for pp cap of 0.012mm to 0.5mm and width up to 1600mm. Welcome to contact us for a price!

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