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Mill finish aluminum coil

February 7, 2021

Mill finish aluminum coil is the basic state of aluminum coil, namely, the initial state of aluminum coil without any subsequent processing. Its production process includes melting and casting, homogenization, hot rolling, cold rolling, annealing, leveling, shearing and inspection. In the melting and casting process, it is necessary to configure the required alloy composition first, then the material is treated with slag and oxygen removal, and finally cast into a shape suitable for subsequent processing. Homogenization is to Adjust the internal structure and skin defects of the aluminum billet, further optimize the structure of the aluminum billet, and prepare for rolling. In the process of hot rolling, the form of aluminum coil with precise structure, suitable thickness and size, and flat surface is initially formed. Cold rolling is mainly to complete the requirements of surface quality, dimensional accuracy, and flatness. Annealing can be intermediate, partial or complete annealing as required. Shearing is to cut the aluminum coil with a relatively large width into the aluminum coil with the required width. The aluminum coil must go through the unwinding machine-leveling machine-shearing machine-conveyor belt-stacker belt etc. . In the inspection procedure, each manufacturer has its own regulations, which is also the last check before leaving the factory.

mill finish aluminum coil

The mill finish aluminum coil can be classified based on chemical compositions, which also determines properties and applications of an aluminium coil. Generally there are pure coil, Al-Mg coil, Al-Mn coil, Al-Mg-Mn coil, Al-Si coil, Al-Zn coil etc, the strength, corrosion resistance and service life gets higher successively. These mill finish aluminum coils find their applications in electronic products, packaging, construction, machine making etc. In addition, the mill finish aluminium coil can be further processed in size and surface according to the needs of use, such as cutting into smaller rolls or sheets, polishing the surface into a mirror, surface coating, surface coating, etc. With a bright surface during direct use, mill finish aluminum coil rolls are more prone to scratches, but they are more advantageous in price than deep-processed aluminum coils, and basic performance can be guaranteed, so they are used in many fields.

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