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From Aluminum Coil to Pop Cans

Beverage can production consumes large amounts of aluminum coil every day. It takes more steps to make a simple pop can than you think. Generally speaking, the manufacturing process includes coil flattening, cup punching, stretching, edge finishing, can cleaning, base adding, colored printing, baking, interior coating, necking and flanging etc. A can consists of two aluminum pieces which have been …

5052 aluminum coil, aluminum coil

5052 Aluminum Coil Stock for Diamond Plates

As one of the most widely applied type of 5xxx aluminum products, 5052 aluminum coil stock shows all common strengths of 5xxx: light, good tensile strength and most importantly, excellent anti-rust and corrosion resistance ability. In addition, it boasts exceptional corrosion resistance against seawater and salt spray, which makes it a primary candidate for the failure-sensitive large marine structures. Even if …

aluminum coil, 3003 aluminum coil

What are the Differences between 5052 and 3003 Aluminum Coil

As known to all, both 5052 and 3003 aluminum coil boast excellent corrosion resistance, and their applications are confusingly crossed. Sometimes it’s really difficult to distinguish one from the other while choosing suitable raw materials. Here we have a simple introduction to differences between the two alloys by comparing 3003H24 and 5052H24. First, they contain different chemical elements, because 3003 aluminum …

embossed aluminum coil, aluminum coil

Embossed Aluminum Coil Applied At Home

Embossed aluminum coil refers to aluminum coil with simple decorative designs on the surface. It is usually made of 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx series of  aluminum alloys which are wide used owing to their unique features. First, they are light. Compared to other metals, aluminum has a much smaller density, which makes it inevitably lighter than iron, zinc and other …

Manufacturing Processes of Insulation Aluminum Coil

Manufacturing Processes of Insulation Aluminum Coil

As known to all insulation aluminum coil is widely used as pipeline covers in various industries. But few people are really clear about its manufacturing processes. We will have a simple introduction today. The first part is dosing. Exact amount of each material should be calculated in advance in accordance with concrete requirements. Wrong matching of raw materials will lead …

aluminum cigarette coil, aluminum coil

Designs on Aluminum Cigarette Coil

These days cigarette producers attach more and more importance to the decoration of inner pack of cigarettes. They coat aluminum cigarette coil with unique colors and print it with fancy designs, which marks a brand new era of aluminum cigarette coil. The colors coated may be silver, gold or other colors that symbolizes luxury. In comparison, the designs turns out …

3003 Aluminum Coil As Battery Cover For Cell Phone

3003 Aluminum Coil As Battery Cover For Cell Phone

How much do you know about your cell phone? You may change a phone every two years and have used a dozen phones of different brands, but you may not have idea about their composition. Take the battery for example. Has it ever occurred to you that aluminum coil serves as its cover? The most frequently used aluminum coil type …

Argentine Order For Aluminum Coil

Argentine Order For Aluminum Coil

A client from Argentina ordered 150 metric tons of 1060 aluminum coil. They are a sign board manufacturer producing road boards and advertising boards. At the beginning they only had a sample order of only 2 metric tons, and did not put a second order until a year later when they had tested the quality of our aluminum coil not …

3004 Aluminum Coil

3004 Aluminum Coil

3004 aluminum coil belongs to 3000 series aluminum alloy, which is one of the most widely used anti rust aluminum alloy. The strength of this alloy is not high (slightly higher than industrial pure aluminum) and cannot be heat-treated. Therefore, cold working is used to improve its mechanic performance. It has high plasticity in the annealed state, good plasticity in semi-cold hardening, low plasticity …

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