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Aluminum coil 3104 alloy for gutter

May 20, 2020

Aluminum coil 3104 alloy for gutter is 0.2mm to 8mm thick. It’s not applied to gutters directly, for an extra color coating process is necessary. Thus it more often serves as a base substrate for gutter materials. 3104, also known as a deformed aluminium alloy, ranks middle in application frequency of 3000 series. More popular grades of 3xxx include 3003, 3004, 3005 and 3105. The content of metal manganese in the 3xxx aluminum-manganese alloy is stable near its saturation point. Under the joint action of other metals, 3000 series aluminum alloys have appropriate elongation, good corrosion resistance, good processing performance, and can be based on different applications require smelting and processing into alloys of different hardness.

Aluminum coil 3104 alloy for gutter

3104 aluminum gutter coil has a high elongation of 20%, which means a 5m coil can be stretched into a 6m roll in length. It contains around 1% manganese and 0.3% magnesium. Both elements display excellent corrosion resistance. Together with aluminium, they endow 3104 aluminium coil for gutter outstanding properties in forming, welding and erosion resistance. As a result, 3104 is easy to bend and stretch as a material for tubes, containers, cookware, tanks, pipes etc.

Like other 3000 aluminium grades, 3104 aluminium coil alloy shows a satisfying color coating effect. Aluminum gutter coil is painted for two reasons: decoration and weather resistance. Mill finish aluminium coil sheets, although endowed with a natural symbiotic ability with oxygen, are not enough in resisting erosive chemicals which a gutter might confront. PE and PVDF paints adheres to aluminium surface firmly for over ten years even though they are subject to rains, snows, extreme temperatures and strong sunshine. Their diverse colors enable gutter aluminium coil suppliers to offer products matching varied decoration styles, too. Aluminium gutters are light in weight, convenient in processing, easy in installation and long in service life, likely to play an increasingly important role in building industry in the future.

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