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Aluminum coil 3104 alloy for gutter

Aluminum coil 3104 alloy for gutter

Aluminum coil 3104 alloy for gutter is 0.2mm to 8mm thick. It’s not applied to gutters directly, for an extra color coating process is necessary. Thus it more often serves as a base substrate for gutter materials. 3104, also known as a deformed aluminium alloy, ranks middle in application frequency of 3000 series. More popular grades of 3xxx include 3003, …

a3104 aluminum coil

Aluminum coil 3104 alloy

A3104 aluminum coil, a deformed alloy with tempers including H111, O, H14, H16, H18 and H34 etc., has a maximum tensile strength of 275MPA and elongation up to 20%. As a deformed alloy, aluminum coil 3104 alloy has good forming ability, strong corrosion resistance and excellent welding ability. Further more, outstanding performances in tensile strength and elongation endows the coil …

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