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Coil coat aluminum 3105 h14 for for pilproof cap

May 19, 2020

Coil coat aluminum 3105 h14 for pilproof cap is 0.012mm to 0.5mm thick, with good deep drawing and printing property. 3105 h14 aluminum has not been heat-treated, and its hardness if half hard in comparison to H18. It contains 98% aluminium and 0.3% copper. The adding of copper greatly improves its electricity conductivity. Like 1xxx aluminium, 3xxx cannot be heat treated, thus cold hardening is adopted to enhance its strength. It displays the best plasticity in O state and poorest in hard state. Yet the participation of manganese makes 3105 highly corrosion resistant, which widens application scope of the coil, such as color coating aluminum base material, lamp head material, louver, bottle cap, bottle stopper, room partition and so on. While being used as a pilproof cap material, aluminum coil 3105 h14 is usually of 0.15mm to 0.3mm thick. Other possible states include O, H12 and H16.

3105 h46 coated aluminum coil Coil coat aluminum 3105 h14

3105 h14 aluminum coat coil boasts four advantages as an anti-theft cap material. First, its electricity conductivity is good as mentioned above, reaching 41%. Second, it has a good erosion resistance, suitable to be made into cans and caps of various beverage, wine, powder and cosmetics, lasting long and stable in appearance. Third, the coil has an excellent processing performance, adaptable to bending, deep drawing, printing, cutting and drilling. Finished cans and caps remain fresh in color and shape for as long as needed. Fourth, we have a strict quality control, the process of which covers texture, grain, composition etc. This enable us to supply 3105 aluminum coil for pilproof cap of quality in international level.

The working environment of ropp caps, especially those for wine bottles, is very strict. Cap materials must meet strict standards in health, tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, pressure resistance, deep drawing and other properties. Regular materials are left out in this way. In addition to coil coat aluminum 3105, we also supply coated aluminium sheet 8011 for pilproof cap. Our quality has been recognized by hundreds of clients who placed orders in the past decade. Welcome inquiries from old and new clients!

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