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3105 h46 coated aluminum coil manufacturers

May 15, 2020

Haomei supplies 3105 h46 aluminum coat coil of 0.2mm to 5mm thick, 100mm-1600mm wide, and tempers of h12, h14, h16, h18, h42, h44, h46 and h48. H4 refers to the state of work hardening and paint treatment, applicable to products that are not fully annealed after painting treatment after work hardening. And H46 refers to painting of an aluminium coil after work hardening, with a 75% hardness treatment. Thus 3105 h46 aluminum coil is a coated roll with a strength a little lower than full hardness.

3105 h46 coated aluminum coil

3105 h46 aluminum coat coil  belongs to Al-Mn-Mg heat treatment and non-strengthening aluminum alloy. Manganese is prone to crystal segregation and can increase the recrystallization temperature. Magnesium can increase the strength of aluminium alloy and refine its recrystallization structure. As a result, 3105 aluminum coil features excellent anti-rust ability, good elongation and high strength. The elongation and higher strength can be smelted into alloy materials with different hardness according to different application requirements, so 3105 alloy is very suitable for construction engineering and interior decoration. Its application areas cover room partitions, aluminum substrates for color coating, base materials, blinds, bottle caps, bottle stoppers, etc.

Among China leading 3105 coated aluminum coil manufacturers, Haomei has an annual productivity of 450,000 metric tons and served clients from over 80 countries. Welcome to contact april@aluminumhm.com for more information!

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