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Aluminum venetian coil 5052

May 14, 2020

Aluminum venetian coil 5052 is usually of Temper H19, 0.125mm to 0.25mm thick, 15mm to 100mm wide and any color you need. 5052 alloy contains aluminum and magnesium, belonging to a member of anti-corrosion aluminium alloy. It has a good forming ability and medium strength. H19 is even harder than H18, thus 5052 h19 is the hardest state of the alloy.

Aluminum venetian coil 5052

5052 aluminum coil boasts the following advantages as an aluminum coil for venetian blind. First, it’s light in weight. Containing about 2.2-2.8% magnesium, the alloy is lighter than most aluminium grades, for magnesium is even lighter than aluminium, the lightest of all regular industrial metals. Compared with bamboo and glass, two other ordinary materials for shutters, aluminum is lighter, too. The density of 5052 is around 2.7g/cm3, glass 3g/cm3, and 1.49g/cm3. Needless to say, a 5052 blind shutter is lighter than a glass piece of the same size and thickness. As for bamboo, it’s almost impossible to make bamboo shutters as thin as aluminium ones. Aluminium venetian blind usually consists of two pieces combined with a hollow center, which make them lighter than solid bamboo shutters. Second, 5052 coil is good tensile strength and elongation. Aluminium blind never breaks or cracks so easily as blind of other materials, for it shows a much stronger resistance to impact of shocks and pressures. Third, 5052 aluminum venetian coil is weather resistant. Endowed with a natural resistance to erosion, 5052 has a stronger resisting ability against sunshine, rain, snow, frost and wind, benefiting from the participation of magnesium. Fourth, 5052 has excellent anodizing and color coating properties. Color coated aluminum coil for venetian can be obtained by spray coating of paints or anodizing. Anodized venetian aluminum coil lasts longer than ordinary ones.

Haomei supplies 5052 aluminum venetian coil of ordinary and customized specifications. Welcome to contact april@aluminumhm.com for a price!

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