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Aluminum coil 5083 h116 for storage tanks and ship panels

May 27, 2020

The aluminum coil 5083 h116 contains 4.0% to 4.9% magnesium, displaying excellent erosion resistance, good welding property and medium strength. H116 refers to an annealing method that is applicable to products made of 5xxx series alloy with a magnesium content over 3.0%. These products have the specified mechanical properties and anti peeling corrosion performance requirements.Thus 5083 h116 aluminium coil boasts better performances in ordinary 5083 alloy coil products.Main application scopes of the coil are storage tanks and ship panels, which bring into full play advantages of the coil.

aluminum coil 5083 h116

5083 aluminum coil h116 keeps storage tanks from being eroded by either its filler liquids or exterior chemicals. Large composition of magnesium endows 5083 with outstanding resistance against most corrosive objects in the air. With a medium hardness, the alloy well adapts to bending and cutting in storage tank production.And welding fits the alloy perfect, too. While being used in marine building, 5083 aluminum coil serves as a regular raw material for panels of ships, boats and liners.Sometimes the thickness of 5083 coil is not enough for vessel panels, and thicker ones over 8mm might be needed, in which case wide plates are adopted. Some are 2m in width and 6m in length.Suppliers of marine aluminium coil plates are required of classification society certification.The orders for 5083 alloy h116 aluminium coil plates are huge from big shipbuilding companies.

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