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5083 aluminum coil

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aluminum coil 5083 h116

Aluminum coil 5083 h116 for storage tanks and ship panels

The aluminum coil 5083 h116 contains 4.0% to 4.9% magnesium, displaying excellent erosion resistance, good welding property and medium strength. H116 refers to an annealing method that is applicable to products made of 5xxx series alloy with a magnesium content over 3.0%. These products have the specified mechanical properties and anti peeling corrosion performance requirements.Thus 5083 h116 aluminium coil boasts …

5083 aluminum coil

5083 Aluminum Coil

5083 aluminum coil rolls are known for its exceptional anti-corrosion and favorable strength. It’s of higher strength than 5052 aluminum coil, and also highly resistant to corrosion. What’s more, it can withstand extremely low temperatures without becoming brittle or losing its other properties. Because of this, it’s especially suited for cryogenic applications. Alloy: 5083 Temper: F、O、H111、H116, H12、H14、H16、H18、H22、H24、H26、H28、H32、H34、H36、H38 Thickness: 0.5-8mm Width: 100-2650mm Length: customized End …

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