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3105 h26 pre coat aluminum coil

May 27, 2020

3105 h26 pre coat aluminum coil is an Al-Mn aluminium alloy roll used in decoration, beverage cans and pp caps. It contains 0.3% to 0.8% magnesium, which is not the highest in share of all alloy metals, though. In comparison to other grades of 3000 series, 3105 h26 coated aluminum coil has a relatively low hardness, usually applied in products requiring good corrosion resistance and low strength, such as interior decoration panels, lamp holder materials, shutters, bottle caps, bottle stoppers and so on. H26 refers to the 75% of full hardness after the coil is work hardened. We accept color adjustments based on RAL and Pantone international color cards or customer samples.

3105 h26 pre coat aluminum coil

We supply pre coat 3105 h26 aluminum coil of the following specifications.

Standard width 1000-1200mm Special width: 50mm-1700mm

Barrel diameter: 150mm, 405mm, 500mm, 505mm, 510mm

Coating thickness: PVDF (fluorocarbon)> = 25micronPOLYESTER (polyester)> = 18micron

Glossiness: 10-90%

Coating hardness: greater than 2H

Adhesion: not less than level 1

Impact resistance: 50kg / cm without peeling paint or cracks

In addition to ordinary pre coat aluminum coil of 3105 h26, we also supply 3105 aluminum coil pp cap materials that are coated with shiny colors and printed with customized logos and designs. 3105 coated aluminum coil alloy has an outstanding deep drawing property and low ear rate in aluminum ropp cap production, serving as a popular material for bottle caps of beverage, wine, beer, spirit, cosmetics, pills and oral liquids.

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