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Harga aluminum coil for pp cap

May 26, 2020

Harga aluminum coil for pp cap proves to be higher than mill finish and ordinary coated aluminium rolls, ranging roughly from $3000 to $3500 per metric ton for FOB term. In China gold pp cap aluminum coil is the cheapest, mostly no more than $3100, for relative manufacturing process is mature enough, and it’s the mainstream product in the industry. Enclosure aluminum coil rolls of other colors are more expensive, for suppliers receive less orders for them. If you need to print your logo on the coil, the price would be higher.

aluminum coil for pp cap

Factors influencing the price of aluminum coil for pp cap include raw material cost, manufacturing cost, delivery cost, tax cost and relationship between demand and supply. Raw materials for pp cap coils cover aluminium ingot and aluminum paint. These have been relatively stable in price in China, and delivery cost gets cheaper actually, although with impact of the pandemic, it fluctuates sometimes. What affects harga aluminum coil for pp cap a lot proves to be manufacturing cost and tax cost. The former involves equipment level as well as professionalism of workers and technicians. The more advanced the equipment, the higher level talents you need. Both entail extra investment. Tax cost includes not only export tax but also import tax. Some countries, like China, encourage export of aluminum coil for pp cap, and they charge less for its export. In this way, suppliers form these countries are able to offer a lower price than their competitors. On the other hand, other countries might restrict import of the coil, then they tax it a lot. Sometimes purchasers from these countries have to pay more tax than for commodities.

The most powerful factor of all, however, is the relationship between demand and supply. Usually an aluminum product is expensive not only because its complicated manufacturing process but also because orders from purchasers outnumber capacity of suppliers. This, however, only lasts for a short time normally, for competitors would swarm into the gap to share the market. Chian harga aluminum coil for pp cap is not influenced too much in this respect.

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