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China 3105 h24 aluminum coil gutter

May 25, 2020

Haomei supplies PE and PVDF 3105 H24 China aluminum coil gutter of 0.3mm to 0.6mm thick, coil id 505mm and width 300-500mm. 3105 is a wrought aluminium alloy with outstanding erosion resistance and plasticity. Its hardness ranks medium among aluminium alloys, overshadowed by 5000, 6000 and 7000 series. In addition to h24, h26 is applied a lot for 3105 aluminium gutter coil rolls. These are harder than h14 or h16, for the coil has been work hardened and then annealed. The hardness of h24 is 50% of the full hardness, and h26 75%, which are still low in comparison to grades of other alloys but high enough as a suspended rain gutter material, to which corrosion resistance is attached more importance than strength.

China 3105 h24 aluminum coil gutter

3105 h24 aluminum coil serves as a substrate material for China aluminium coil gutter, for finished gutter coils are coated with PVDF or PE paint. Paint coating proves to be an effective method in improving corrosion resistance of aluminium gutter material. Owing to the special function and working conditions of gutters, their raw materials must be strong enough to withstand moisture, rain, snow, sunshine and extreme temperatures. Although aluminium is endowed with a natural corrosion resistance against most common chemicals it might be confronted with, it’s far from enough. Ordinary aluminium pieces last only month before being covered with oxide layers that may peel off any time, making a piece thinner and thinner. PVDF and PE coating helps to extend the service life of an aluminium gutter coil to 10 or 30 years. Color coated aluminum coil not only functions to keep gutters from short life, but also adds color to a building with diverse colors to be chosen from. Except for singer colors, richer designs are created by aluminium coil suppliers to cater for varied house decoration styles. Wood grain and stone grain coated aluminium coil for gutter is popular, too.

Haomei supplies 3105 h24 aluminum gutter coil of mill finish and color coating. Both one-side coating and two-side coating are available. Welcome to contact april@aluminumhm.com for more information!

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