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PP cap aluminum coil 3105 h24

May 22, 2020

Aluminum coil 3105 h24 is a regular pp cap aluminum material of 0.012mm-0.5mm thick. This thickness covers both aluminium coil and aluminium foil, the maximum thickness of the latter 0.2mm. Aluminum rolls above 0.2mm thick are regarded as aluminum coil. Such a classification helps to distinguish production processes, but the steps for both products are similar: aluminum ingot melting—rolling—repeated rolling until the piece gets as thin as desired. The thinner a roll is expected to be, the higher the rolling pressure and the more complicated the process steps are. A pp cap aluminum coil must be clean and smooth in surface, high in elongation, good in erosion resistance and excellent in printable property.

PP cap aluminum coil 3105 h24

Thinner pp cap aluminum coil is also known as fake silver foil because of the similarity of their hot stamping effect with pure silver foil rolls. Except for 3105 aluminum coil, this can be made of 8011 and 8011A as well. 8011 is usually of foil type, demonstrating outstanding shielding resistance against moisture, light and bacteria. 8011 can be applied in yogurt lids, while 3105 covers only pp caps for wine, spirit, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, usually thicker than 8011. As aluminium bottle cap materials, both alloys have a good elongation and deep drawing property.

In addition to 3105 and 8011 aluminium coil, 1060, 3104, 5052 and 5182 serve as pp cap materials, too. No matter what alloy it is, an aluminum pp cap coil surface must be clean, even in color, safe and sanitary. Aluminum coil for bottl cap is one of Haomei Aluminum’s superior products. The company is equipped with ultra-long cleaning lines and flat shears to ensure that the surface of the coil is degreased and clean, and the ear making rate is low. We produce a wide range of aluminum base materials for bottle caps used in the field of bottle cap packaging such as alcohol, beverages, medical lid materials, cosmetics, etc., and export to more than 40 countries and regions such as South Korea, North America, Southeast Asia, and the United States.

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