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5182 aluminum sheet coil for beverages

June 3, 2020

5182 aluminum sheet coil for beverages is between 0.21 and 0.48mm thick, used to make tops, bottom pieces and pull-tabs of beverage cans. It’s harder than 3004 aluminium coil, regular material for the can body. Aluminium beverage cans are light in weight, good in heat conductivity, high in sanitary level, satisfying in printing effect and excellent in recycling rate, which makes them more and more popular in beverage packaging since the 1980s, and now they dominate the industry in most developed countries. In particular, the application of aluminum coil for beverages is booming in developing countries.

5182 aluminum sheet coil for beverages

Haomei 5182 aluminum sheet for beverage cans has three advantages in comparison to its competitors. First, it’s suitable to be processed. As an aluminium magnesium alloy, the sheet displays good corrosion resistance, cutting property and strength. The surface of the sheet is of a high smooth and gloss level. All these make it convenient to slit, cut, bend and paint the sheet in production of beverage cans. Second, it’s durable enough. Haomei attaches great importance to sheet flatness and thickness control of its 5182 aluminium sheet, keeping the thickness error within 0.005mm, and high flatness level guarantees stable performances of the sheet in further process. Third, 5182 aluminium coil sheet shows outstanding applying properties, including light weight, good printing effect, high corrosion resistance, long service life and easy recycling.

In addition to 5182, Haomei also supplies 3004, 3104 and 5052 aluminium coil for beverages. Welcome to contact us at april@aluminumhm.com for a price!

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