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1xxx and 3xxx aluminum coil manufacturer

June 2, 2020

Haomei is among leading manufacturers of 1xxx and 3xxx aluminium coils in China, supplying 1050, 3105 and 1070 aluminum coil for sale.

1050 is a pure industrial aluminium containing 99.5% aluminium metal and 0.5% other metals. With only 0.1% less aluminum than 1060, it’s usually replaced by 1060 in production of some small factories, for the two are extremely similar in either chemical or mechanical performances. Low in strength and good in tensile strength, 1050 coil is applied in production of kitchenware, liquid containers, pots, bottles etc. Color coated and embossed 1050 aluminium coil rolls are made into wall cladding and anti-skid sheets used in varied conditions. Owing to the fact that the coil is featured by simple and mature process, 1050 aluminum coil manufacturers are easy to be found in supplier-clustering regions. 1070 aluminum coil, also a member of 1xxx aluminium, contains the highest aluminium content of all alloys, reaching 99.7%. The content of impurities is so slight that their shares are not specified as other alloys. The more the aluminium content, the softer an alloy, therefore, 1070 is the softest aluminium grade. It shares most of its application scope with 1050. In particular, 1070 is made to aluminium slugs for tubes and cans of various products. Neither of 1050 and 1070 can be heat treated, which greatly restricts their hardness level and application scope.

1050 1070 3105 aluminum coil

China 3105 aluminum coil serves as a regular Al-Mn-Mg heat treatment non-strengthening aluminum alloy. Manganese is prone to crystal segregation and can increase the recrystallization temperature. Magnesium functions to enhance the hardness of aluminium alloy and refine the recrystallization structure. As a result of combination of the two alloying metals, 3105 aluminium alloy displays excellent corrosion resistance, elongation and strength. What’s more, the hardness of 3105 is very flexible by adjusting smelting and processing methods, which makes it suitable for construction engineering and interior decoration, such as room partitions, gutter, aluminum substrates for color coating, base materials, blinds and so on. In addition, 3105 coil is also applied in bottle caps and bottle stoppers because of its outstanding deep drawing performances.

Haomei supplies 1xxx and 3xxx aluminium coil rolls of 0.1mm to 8mm thick, and 20mm to 1600mm wide. Brushed, painted and embossed aluminium coil products are available. Welcome to contact us for more information!

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