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Can 3003 aluminum sheet be anodized

June 1, 2020

Can 3003 aluminum sheet be anodized? It’s said that 3003 aluminium is seldom anodized, for the sheet color is not even after being anodized. If you probe further, however, people are anodizing 3003 alloy sheets as a matter of fact. 3003 has manganese as its alloy metal, displaying excellent forming ability, high corrosion resistance, good welding property and outstanding electricity conductivity. As a result, it covers a wide range of application, including cookware, food containers, chemical storage containers, tubes, tanks, pressure containers, pipes, heat exchange parts, welding wires, washing machine tanks etc. Some of these uses can be tackled by mill finish 3003 sheets, but some need to be colored or anodized to extend service life of the end products. Thus 3003 sheets are anodized when necessary.

3003 aluminum sheet

Slight color changes might color with an anodized aluminum sheet of 3003, but the sheet has good mechanical and mechanical response, and 3003 is easy to weld. It has all the excellent characteristics of 1100, but with a higher strength. It has excellent quality, processability, deep drawing square wire and welding connection. It is not heat treatable. Like 1100, 3003 tends to be sticky during processing, but the tendency reduces under the tempering condition with proper setting and maximum speed. Typical uses of anodized 3003 aluminium sheets include appliance parts, chemical tanks, truck roofs, heat exchange units, pipes, grass furniture parts etc. There are even papers analyzing how to get 3003 aluminum anodized in the best way.

To learn more about anodized aluminum sheet test and process methods, please refer to our previous articles. Haomei supplies black anodized aluminum sheet, gold anodized aluminum sheet, blue anodized aluminum sheet and red anodized aluminum sheet of regular and customized specifications. Welcome to contact us for more information!

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