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Aluminum coil for exporting

June 1, 2020

We have aluminum coil for exporting of 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx series, represented by 1060, 3003 and 5182. Aluminium trim coil is available, too.

1xxx series of aluminium coil products include 1050, 1060, 1070 and 1100. These are also known as pure industrial aluminium, for aluminium metal takes up an overwhelming share of them. 1060 aluminium coil contains 99.6% aluminum and 0.4% other metals. It has good elongation, low hardness, and competitive price, usually made into signboards, billboards, building exterior decoration, bus body, wall decoration of high buildings and factories, kitchen sinks, lamp holders, fan blades, electronic parts, chemical instruments, thin plate processing parts, deep drawing or spinning concave vessels Welded parts, heat exchangers, clock surfaces and plates, nameplates, kitchenware, decorations, reflective appliances, etc.

aluminum coil for exporting

3003 aluminum coil is a representative of 3000 series of aluminium composed mainly of aluminum and manganese. It’s harder the the hardest of 1000 series, and showing better forming, welding and anti-corrosion performances, used in products including kitchenware, food and chemical product processing and storage devices, tanks and tanks for transporting liquid products, various pressure vessels and pipes processed with thin plates, heat sinks, cosmetic plates, photocopier rollers, ship materials and so on. 3003 aluminium coil proves to be the most popular among 3xxx aluminium rolls.

5182 aluminum coil is less popular than 5005 among 5000 series, but it covers an even wider application scope, including bottle caps, pop can pull rings, tank shells, car hand nobs, ship shells etc. It has a medium strength, good welding performance and good corrosion resistance, not suitable for heat treatment. The biggest advantage is that it displays an excellent anodizing effect. AL-Mn alloy is the most widely used rust-proof aluminum. This alloy has high strength, especially with fatigue resistance: high plasticity and corrosion resistance, can not be strengthened by heat treatment, and plasticity during semi-cold hardening good, low plasticity during cold work hardening, good corrosion resistance, good welding ability, poor cutting performance, can be polished. 5182 coil rolls are mainly used for low load parts that require high plasticity and good welding ability, working in liquid or gaseous media, such as mailboxes, gasoline or lubricating oil conduits.

In addition to mill finish aluminium coil rolls, Haomei also supplies aluminium trim coil products of various alloys. A trim coil can be obtained by two kinds of processing methods: anodizing and spray coating. Anodizing is to have a work piece immerged in a chemical solution and to have the surface of the piece coated by an anodizing film. The film can be of a designed color, up to the solution composition. Spray coating is to coat the piece surface with PE or PVDF paints of a wanted color. The paint coating is hard and long lasting. Both anodized and coated aluminium trim coil rolls are much more durable than mill finished ones, and their prices are higher, too.

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