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Induction disc/disk in aluminum sheet for sale

May 29, 2020

We have 1xxx and 3xxx induction disc/disk in aluminum sheet for sale. The disc is used in pizza pans, cookers, kettles etc. Specifications are as below:

Alloy/grade: 1050 1070 1100 1200 3003

Thickness range: 0.2mm ~ 6mm

Width range: 50mm ~ 1200mm

Temper: O, H12, H22, H14, H24, H16, H26, etc.

Rolling: Hot rolled and cold rolled both available

Surface: Bright silver, mill finished, flat clean surface no whole, scratch, oil dirty and oxidation.

Cutting edge: neat cutting edge no burrs

induction disc disk in aluminum sheet

We have been engaged in fabrication of induction disc/disk in aluminum sheet for thirty years. This range of aluminum circles are made of premium grade aluminum ingot from reliable suppliers. Aluminium is a metal with excellent thermal conductivity, so aluminum kitchen utensils heat up quickly and can cook food in minutes. Aluminum cookware will not rust and is resistant to many forms of corrosion. If it is quite thick, it will be heated evenly. Aluminum cooking equipment is usually very light weight. As long as it is properly stored and used, it is also very durable.

Aluminum disc and sheet products generally exists in the form of stretching, die casting or anodizing. Stretched aluminum is widely used in baking plates, juice plates, cake muffin baking trays, soup pots, steam pots, pasta pots and even frying pans. Die-casting aluminum disc circles are often thicker than stretched ones, proving to be more suitable for soup pots, Dutch pots and heavy baking trays. However, they have a lower thermal conductivity. Anodized aluminum discs naturally have a layer of aluminum oxide formed by electronic processing, which is hard and not easy to react with other substances. These discs are often used to make juice pots, chowder pots, grill pans and Dutch pans. Whatever type of induction disc/disk in aluminum sheet you need, we can supply. Welcome to leave messages or send email!

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