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1060 Aluminum coil

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1060 aluminum coil factory

1060 Aluminum Coil factory

1060 aluminum coil factory usually have advanced production equipment and technology to efficiently produce high quality aluminum coil products. They may have automated production lines and precision machining equipment that can meet the needs of different customers. 1060 aluminum coils are usually available in different thickness and width specifications, with the thickness range usually between 0.1 and 1.5mm and the width range …

aluminum coil for exporting

Aluminum coil for exporting

We have aluminum coil for exporting of 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx series, represented by 1060, 3003 and 5182. Aluminium trim coil is available, too. 1xxx series of aluminium coil products include 1050, 1060, 1070 and 1100. These are also known as pure industrial aluminium, for aluminium metal takes up an overwhelming share of them. 1060 aluminium coil contains 99.6% aluminum …

color 1060 aluminum coil

1060 color aluminum coil

1060 color aluminum coil is a pure aluminium that is low in strength and good in deep drawing quality, widely used for making cap, closure, can, cosmetic cover etc. 1060 aluminum coil is good for anodizing and bright surface, so it is an ideal aluminium to make mirror sheets and color coated mirror sheet coils. Alloy Temper Thickness Width coil  …

1060 Aluminum coil

1060 Aluminum coil

Properties of 1060 Aluminum Coil 1060 aluminum sheet/coil is pretty similar to 1050 aluminum alloy with more than 0.1% of aluminum by weight. Both 1050 and 1060 aluminum sheet/coil of Mingtai Al. lives up to ISO standards, but they cover different ASTM standards. 1060 aluminum sheet/coil contains 0.05% cooper, thus, its conductivity is 55%. Besides, 1060 aluminum sheet/coil is relatively …

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