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3003 o aluminum sheet

3003 O Aluminum Sheet

3003 o aluminum sheet stand for the product 3003 aluminum sheet with soft temper. The O-state soft-state 3003 aluminum sheet belongs to stretched aluminum sheet, it’s uses are mainly used for low-load parts that require high plasticity and good weldability, and work in liquid or gas media, such as fuel tanks, gasoline or lubricating oil conduits, various liquid containers and other …

3003 aluminum sheet

Can 3003 aluminum sheet be anodized

Can 3003 aluminum sheet be anodized? It’s said that 3003 aluminium is seldom anodized, for the sheet color is not even after being anodized. If you probe further, however, people are anodizing 3003 alloy sheets as a matter of fact. 3003 has manganese as its alloy metal, displaying excellent forming ability, high corrosion resistance, good welding property and outstanding electricity …

3003 aluminum mirror sheet

Mirror aluminum sheet 3003

Mirror aluminum sheet 3003 ranks middle by quality in all alloys of aluminium mirror sheets. It overshadows 1050, 1060, 1070 and 1100 in either hardness or corrosion resistance, but can not compete with 5005, 5757, 5052 and 5083 in the two aspects. 3003 mirror sheets are used extensively in solar reflective panels, light reflective covers and ornaments, interior decoration, exterior …

3003 aluminum sheet plate3

Aluminum alloy 3003 aluminum sheet plate

  Specifications of Aluminum Alloy 3003 Aluminum Sheet Plate Among leading aluminum alloy manufacturers and suppliers in China, Haomei Aluminum offers 3003 aluminum sheet, aluminum plate and aluminum tread plate by the ISO standard 6361 and the ASTM standards B209, B210, B211, B221, B483, B491, and B547. The 3003 H14, H16 and H18 are commonly used ones, and other tempers are …

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