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anodized aluminum sheet

How to avoid color difference of anodized alu sheets

Whatever you are a producer or buyer, here are tips for avoid supplying or buying anodized aluminum sheets with color difference. Reasons for color difference of anodized aluminium sheets: A. Variation in the solution composition, content, concentration, temperature, treatment time and other factors; B. Color difference in the original base sheets, in which case color difference will still occur even …

7xxx anodized aluminum sheet

Can 7xxx aluminum sheet be anodized

7xxx aluminum sheet, an aluminium zinc magnesium alloy, contains alloys of 7075, 7050 and 7005 etc. As known to all, 5xxx aluminium sheets boast excellent anodizing effect, especially suitable as housing materials for electronic products. Can 7xxx aluminium plates be anodized, too? The answer is positive. Known as an aircraft aluminum sheet, 7xxx plates are light in weight and strong …

anodized aluminum sheet

Possible disadvantages of anodized aluminum sheet

Anodized aluminum sheets are more frequently mentioned with its advantages, and it looks as if there are no disadvantages at all. Yet this is not always the case. Failures in any step of anodising process might lead to the following weaknesses of a pre anodized aluminum sheet. The first is transparency reduction. Aluminium sheets have their own transparency. The process …

bronze anodized aluminum sheet

Bronze anodized aluminum sheet used in building

Bronze anodized aluminum sheet has a hard adhesive film with outstanding hardness and wear resistance. With a solemn color similar to traditional wooden furniture, the sheet serves as a novel material in exterior and interior decoration of buildings. Anodizing technology overcomes the defects of traditional aluminum alloy surface treatment technology in terms of hardness and wear resistance, and also overcomes …

3003 aluminum sheet

Can 3003 aluminum sheet be anodized

Can 3003 aluminum sheet be anodized? It’s said that 3003 aluminium is seldom anodized, for the sheet color is not even after being anodized. If you probe further, however, people are anodizing 3003 alloy sheets as a matter of fact. 3003 has manganese as its alloy metal, displaying excellent forming ability, high corrosion resistance, good welding property and outstanding electricity …

anodized aluminum sheet pantone

Anodized aluminum sheet pantone

Anodized aluminum sheet pantone varies from supplier to supplier, but mostly consists of several color series: gray (including silver), red, blue, green, brown, red. Theoretically anodized aluminium sheets of each existing color can be made, which entails adjusting in coating process. The color of aluminum sheets by primary anodizing silver (the same as aluminum itself), and color anodizing is realized …

anodized brushed aluminum sheet

Anodized brushed aluminum sheet

An anodized brushed aluminum sheet can be of alloys covering 1xxx to 7xxx series, including 1060, 1100, 1050, 1070, 2A12, 3003, 3004, 5052, 5A02, 5083, 5754, 6061, 6063, 6082 and 7075. Regular tempers include soft state(O, H111), hard state (H18, T6) and medium hard state (H24, H22, H32 and H112) to cater for requirements of varied clients. The sheet is …

Black anodized aluminum sheets

Black anodized aluminum sheets

Black anodized aluminum sheets are obtained by anodizing and coloring the surface of targeted aluminium sheets. Anodizing is a material protection technology for an aluminum plate to form oxide film on its surface by applying anode current in electrolyte solution. Cast aluminum can be black by common anodizing. After anodizing, the sheet is dyed with a black solution: acid MaoYuan …

clear anodized aluminum sheet

Clear anodized aluminum sheet

A clear anodized aluminum sheet can be mirror finished, brushed, coated and even patterned, only that it has gone through the anodizing process. Brushed sheets have overlapping brushed waves throughout the surface. As they resist fingerprints they are commonly used for restaurant fixtures and wall guards. Coated anodized sheets are actually colored sheets, with colors including blue, green, red, black …

mirror anodized aluminum sheet

Technical parameters of mirror anodized aluminum sheet

A mirror anodized aluminum sheet can be of 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx series. For alloy aluminum plates, the main grades are 5005 and 5657 aluminum. The main element of 5xxx series aluminum mirror sheet is magnesium, the content of which is between 3% and 5%. Therefore, it can also be called mirror alloy aluminum plate, and its production process is …

embossed anodized aluminum sheet

Embossed anodized aluminum sheet for cold storage wall

An embossed anodized aluminum sheet is different from either regular embossed or anodized aluminum plates. Its production combines process steps of both. Aluminium ingots are first cast and rolled into sheet rolls of a given thickness and width. The rolls are then fed into a embossing roller and come out with beautiful patterns formed on the surface. These patterns, including …

gold and red anodized aluminum sheet

Do China suppliers have super anodized aluminum sheet

An anodized aluminum sheet falls on the category of high-tech semi-processing aluminum products, and the word “high-tech” is usually associated with developed countries in America and Europe. However, such an idea is mistaken in the field of anodizing. China suppliers are capable enough to supply anodized aluminium plates of super quality. There are even excellent anodized aluminum sheet metal suppliers like …

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