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Anodized Aluminum Sheet Metal Factory

December 6, 2021

The anodized aluminum sheet metal factory offer product durable and can be dyed into colorful colors, which is pleasing to the eye. Anodizing and dyeing is a very widely used decoration technology in aluminum sheet metal surface treatment. This technology can not only improve the corrosion resistance and light resistance of aluminum and aluminum alloy sheet metal products, but also it can beautify the appearance, obtain a colorful decorative effect, and increase the added value of the aluminum sheet metal product.

anodized aluminum sheet metal factory

The anodized aluminum sheet metal factory attach importance to the oxide film thickness and anodized color. Oxide film refers to the thickness, porosity, transparency, etc. of the aluminum sheet metal during the production process. Different types of aluminum alloy have different alloy composition and alloy content. The purity of aluminum directly affects the gloss and transparency of the oxide film. The elements si, Mn, Cr, and Mg in the alloy also affect the color development of the oxide film, such as manganese. And chromium will make the oxide film yellowish, and silicon will make the oxide film grayish, resulting in a different color of the oxide film layer. The anodized aluminum sheet metal can not only ensure the colorful and unique decorative design effect, but also create a safer decorative style with the characteristics of lighter quality and convenient installation.


Haomei Aluminum is an anodized aluminum sheet metal factory based in China, we offer high quality anodized aluminum sheet metal product with different alloy, affordable price, high accuracy and fast production. With its unique oxide film, the anodized aluminum sheet metal has excellent scratch resistance, excellent washing resistance, UV resistance and no fading, no fingerprints after touching, antistatic, no dust absorption and easy to clean.

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