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Aircraft Aluminum Sheet Manufacturer

November 29, 2021

Aircraft aluminum sheet manufacturer generally offer aviation aluminum sheet in 7000 series aluminum alloy. The 7000 series aircraft aluminum alloy is a titanium-magnesium aluminum alloy that has been uniquely solved by high-temperature air oxidation. It can withstand thousands of degrees of high temperature or strong impact. It is a kind of high metal aluminum has the characteristics of lightness, durability, compressive strength and corrosion resistance. The general aluminum sheet that everyone uses in daily life are generally 6000 series aluminum alloys; for engineering, construction, industrial production, and food packaging materials, they all use 3000 series aluminum alloys.

aircraft aluminum sheet manufacturer

Haomei Aluminum was established in 1990, which is an aircraft aluminum sheet manufacturer specializing in the processing and distribution of medium and high-end aluminum alloy plates. Relying on more than ten years of industry accumulation and rigorous management system, it has won a good market reputation. The 7075 aluminum sheet plate is regard as the preventative alloy of aircraft grade aluminum alloy. Next, I will show you the advantages and disadvantages of aircraft aluminum sheet:

1, 7075 aluminum plate has good plastic deformation after aging treatment, and the heat treatment process has a very good strengthening effect. It has excellent compressive strength below 150 degrees, and has particularly good ultra-low temperature compressive strength.

2, The compressive strength is very high, but the net weight is very low. After the 7075 aluminum sheet has undergone high-temperature air oxidation, it has completely inherited the advantages of aluminum oxide, which can make the aircraft aluminum sheet withstand high pressure, impact resistance, electric welding and welding without cracking, and anti-rust treatment.

3, The higher the strength of the aluminum sheet, the more difficult it will be to form. Therefore, the cost of aircraft aluminum sheet engineering is very high, thus choose a reliable aircraft aluminum sheet manufacturer is very important!

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