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Bronze anodized aluminum sheet used in building

September 11, 2020

Bronze anodized aluminum sheet has a hard adhesive film with outstanding hardness and wear resistance. With a solemn color similar to traditional wooden furniture, the sheet serves as a novel material in exterior and interior decoration of buildings. Anodizing technology overcomes the defects of traditional aluminum alloy surface treatment technology in terms of hardness and wear resistance, and also overcomes the technical defects of chromatic aberration and uneven film layer of traditional flaky oxidation, thus greatly extends the longevity of aluminum alloy, making it possible to use aluminum alloy as a building material.

bronze anodized aluminum sheet

Bronze anodized aluminum sheets give a modern sense of novelty, beauty and uniqueness as an interior building material. Different from paint coating films, an anodized film “grows” naturally on a sheet surface and never peels off. The oxide film is transparent and colorless, with a microcrystalline structure of hexagonal honeycomb. It can not only highlight the strong metallic feeling, but also can uniformly color an aluminium sheet in the micropores to give the furniture and partitions a brilliant color, which greatly broadens the designer’s application horizon.

As a wall curtain material, the bronze anodized aluminium plate is safe, environmental and cost efficient. The composition of the oxide film is inorganic aluminum oxide (Al2O3). Compared with some painted aluminum plates, anodized aluminium sheets are non-toxic, and will not burn in exposure to open fire. Low density of aluminium means that the use of anodized aluminum will help save up to 2/3 materials in the same area .

The continuous oxidation production process endows bronze anodised aluminium sheets with an appearance without visual color difference, and the uniform thickness of the film ensures consistent product life and color. The aluminum oxide film has excellent anti-fouling ability, making daily cleaning of furniture much more easier. It even has a self-cleaning ability, which is a great relief to high-rise building maintenance units.

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