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dark bronze anodized aluminum sheet

Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminum Sheet

The dark bronze anodized aluminum sheet offed by Haomei Aluminum have uniform dark bronze color on the surface with high quality anodized effect. Anodized aluminum sheet is a common aluminum sheet product with high additional value, especially with the increase in demand for anodised aluminum sheet. The aluminum oxidation coloring technology has developed rapidly. Many aluminum sheet factories have adopted new …

bronze anodized aluminum sheet

Bronze anodized aluminum sheet used in building

Bronze anodized aluminum sheet has a hard adhesive film with outstanding hardness and wear resistance. With a solemn color similar to traditional wooden furniture, the sheet serves as a novel material in exterior and interior decoration of buildings. Anodizing technology overcomes the defects of traditional aluminum alloy surface treatment technology in terms of hardness and wear resistance, and also overcomes …

copper anodized aluminum sheet

Bronze anodized aluminum sheet

Bronze anodized aluminum sheet is a copper-color sheet metal product consisting of aluminum sheeting exposed to an electrolytic passivation process that imparts a tough, hard-wearing protective finish on its surface. The protective layer formed by the anodizing process is actually little more than an enhancement of the natural oxide layer that exists naturally on the surface of the aluminum. Alloy: …

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