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Top quality 3003 aluminum coil for letter

September 11, 2020

3003 aluminum coil for letter is a painted or anodized aluminium product with an alloy metal of manganese alloy. 3003 is the most widely used of all alloys. It is basically a commercial pure aluminium and is 20% stronger than 1100. It has good hardness, corrosion resistance but relatively poor anodizing property. Anodized 3003 aluminum sheets or rolls might have slight discoloration, but most of the time, this does not influence its application unless the requirements are quite strict.

3003 aluminum coil for letter

Letters made of aluminium alloys are also called channel letters. These are usually used for advertising and decorative purposes in front of shops or entertainment places. Owing to its special application condition, an aluminium coil for letter must be water-proof, wind-proof, sunshine resistant and strong enough to withstand possible alien shocks. 3003 aluminum coil perfect meets such requirements. As an aluminium product it does not get corroded by water or even acid rains. With medium hardness, it’s strong enough to resistant usual winds and possible shocks. Moreover, channel letter aluminium coil rolls are usually coated or anodized, which further improves their corrosion resistance. Aluminium channel letters are lighter than steel ones and are more suitable to be installed and suspended, too.

Haomei supplies 3003 aluminum coil for letter of 0.5mm to 1.0mm thick, and 30mm to 100mm wide. Brushed, anodized and coated rolls are available. The length can be customized. In addition to 3003, we also provides 1100 aluminum coil strips for channel letters. Specifications are similar to those of 3003. Welcome to contact us for a price!

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