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Anodized aluminum sheet pantone

March 26, 2020

Anodized aluminum sheet pantone varies from supplier to supplier, but mostly consists of several color series: gray (including silver), red, blue, green, brown, red. Theoretically anodized aluminium sheets of each existing color can be made, which entails adjusting in coating process. The color of aluminum sheets by primary anodizing silver (the same as aluminum itself), and color anodizing is realized by coloring or electrophoresis (but the colors of which is less, generally champagne and gold).

anodized aluminum sheet pantone

Anodizing films can be divided into: uncolored anodizing film (basically colorless and transparent anodizing film, i.e. no coloring treatment after anodizing), colored anodizing film (coloring treatment after anodizing), and dyed anodizing film (anodizing film that adsorbs the active color of dye in the pore structure and colors). Colors of anodized films are various, which is closely related to the alloy composition of the material, anodizing method and coloring or dyeing process.

Each supplier has their own anodized aluminum sheet pantone. If you need colored anodized aluminium sheet products, name the color and they will customize for you.

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